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Handmade dumplings with leek eggs

Food Material List 1 Leek 2 Egg 3 flour Operational steps 1 First, fry the eggs and mash them in the pot. Then wash and chop the leek, add a little cooking oil, some salt, mix well. 2 Mix again. Make a bowl of flour, then add water bit by bit. First stir it with …

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Shrimp plain meat

Food Material List 1 Prawns 2 Vegetarian meat 3 Coriander 4 Chopped green onion Operational steps 1 Fried and stir-fried vegetarian meat into cumin flavor, cooked prawns, with spoon juice, ready to serve. Tips

staple food

Thai Sweet Spicy Sete Prawn

The wrasse shrimp is what we call it. Of course, it has other names that sound elegant, but its not the best season to eat it. I dont understand it very well. At least its not very common in the market, and its not very fat. I just saw it, and then I bought it …