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Shanghai cuisine

Noodles in Scallion, Oil and Soy Sauce

Food Material List 1 Fresh noodles One copy Operational steps 1 Cook noodles in a pot, add hot oil in another pot, fry onions in small heat until scallion is scorched and salvaged. Mix the raw vinegar salt into juice, pour the fried onion oil into the boiled noodles and mix well. Tips

a dish that goes with liquor

Summer mixed vegetable

How can barbecued buns be eaten with beer in summer without salad? Come and join me in making a rich mix. Its refreshing, delicious and satiating. It doesnt grow meat yet. Its still on fire! Food Material List 1 Black fungus 2 Color pepper 3 Cabbage 4 Purple cabbage 5 Balsam pear 6 Little Tomatoes …


cool summer

Food Material List 1 Balsam pear 2 Cherry Tomatoes 3 cucumber 4 Banana 5 Apple Operational steps 1 Momordica charantia is cut in half to remove the slices and then blanch the cold water. The fruit is cut in half. Cucumbers, apples (apples are easily oxidized and soaked in water for a while) are cut …


Stir-fried hollow cabbage

Food Material List 1 Water spinach Operational steps 1 Pick up the hollow cabbage and wash it for later use. 2 Pour oil in hot pot, add garlic and rice, stir-fry hollow cabbage, add salt and chicken essence, and then fry it. Hollow cabbage is easy to cook. Do not fry for too long, otherwise …


Braised Vegetable Stir-fried Beans

Cherry radish in vegetable market is always leafy. Sometimes the leaves are too fresh to waste. So there is a by-product of pickled vegetable fried with green beans made from radish leaves, which is a good choice for porridge. Food Material List 1 Cherry radish leaf 1 handles 2 Soybean 150g Operational steps 1 Wash …

a dish that goes with liquor

Cold-mixed sweet beans

Summer is a season full of cold vegetables, hot only want to eat more cold things. Usually, the most common cold dishes are spicy green beans, which are eaten at home, restaurants and night markets. But today, when we go shopping, we find sweet beans. They look like shaved green beans. They taste sweet, so …


Spaghetti with garlic

Food Material List 1 Water spinach Operational steps 1 Garlic roasting pot 2 Quickly stir-fry the hollow cabbage and put proper salt in it to get out of the pot. Tips Hollow cabbage is cool, and vegetable juice can inhibit Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus and so on, which can prevent infection. Therefore, if eaten regularly in …


Pepper oil mixed with bitter Chrysanthemum

The secret of bitter chrysanthemum is to mix it with pepper oil. Food Material List 1 Chrysanthemum Operational steps 1 Wash the bitter chrysanthemum, put in salt, pepper oil, vinegar, delicious fresh juice, sprinkle some sesame on it, marinate slightly and mix well, its better. Tips


Chilled Four Happiness Crisp Tofu

I call crisp tofu, purple cabbage, carrot and agaric as the four nutritious raw materials of Sixi, so I take a festive name of “Sixi crisp tofu”. I hope people who have eaten it will enjoy it from heaven. Food Material List 1 Crisp tofu 2 Purple cabbage 3 Carrot 4 Fungus 5 Coriander Operational …