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Night snack

Fried shrimp head

Shrimp meat is made into shrimp shreds. They dont want to waste their heads and skins, so they are fried. They are very nutritious! Food Material List 1 shrimp Operational steps 1 Pour oil into the pan, heat the oil and fry the shrimp skin and head, then add salt and cumin seeds. Tips

Western-style food

Crispy potato chips

Food Material List 1 Potato Operational steps 1 Peel and slice potatoes, the thinner the better. The cut potato chips were soaked in clear water for 10 minutes, then some starch of the potato was washed off and the water was controlled. 2 If there is still water on the surface, use kitchen paper to …



Tianfuluo, also known as Tianbran, is an important part of traditional Japanese cuisine. “Heaven” means oil, “gluten” means flour, and “Luo” means coat. According to its name, Tianfuluo is a kind of food wrapped in flour coat, which is made from oil. It is also a general term for fried food. Tianfuluo, a kind of …


Homemade bread

Food Material List 1 flour 600g 2 Soybean Milk 400g 3 Honey 1 tablespoon 4 salt 10g 5 Yeast powder 5g Operational steps 1 Flour 600 grams, soybean milk 400 grams, honey 1 tablespoon, salt 10 grams, yeast powder 5 grams, knead noodles with machine for 60 minutes. 2 Simple shaping, put into the basin. …


Fried clam dumplings

Food Material List 1 Chinese Cabbage 2 Pork Operational steps 1 Mix the minced meat: wash the cabbage, drain the water and chop it, sprinkle a little salt and knead it thoroughly. After 20 minutes, prepare a piece of gauze. Pour the cabbage in and squeeze the water to reserve. Cut shallots and ginger into …

Northeast Cuisine

Fruit and shrimp fried salad

Food Material List 1 Hami melon 80g 2 Shrimp 150g 3 Deep-Fried Dough Sticks Two roots 4 pineapple 80g Operational steps 1 Cut Hami melon and pineapple into small pieces. 2 Rinse prawns in boiling water. 3 Peel out shrimps. 4 Fried and cut into small sections, please refer to the method of making fried …

a dish that goes with liquor

Blueberry taro

Food Material List 1 Taro Operational steps 1 Wash taro and peel it. Dig it into small balls with a ball digger, which symbolizes the happiness of reunion. 2 Pour taro balls into water and boil them slightly. Add ice sugar to symbolize sweetness and sweetness. 3 Drain and cool the cooked taro in a …


Fried onion rings

Speaking of Pizza Hut, my favorite snack is the fried onion ring. I remember going to Beijing for business in the past nine years. When I first met Pizza Hut, I always ordered fried onion rings, which was fragrant, crisp and delicious. Until now, I still remember it so deeply. Nowadays, many delicacies love to …

Night snack

Carrot chicken balls

Food Material List 1 Chicken Breast 200g 2 asparagus 2 roots 3 Carrot 50g Operational steps 1 Chicken chopped and carrot peeled and chopped. 2 Add 1 spoonful of crude bread powder, salt and pepper into the chicken mince, and stir up the first half of the egg white. Add the carrot mince and mix …

Northeast Cuisine

Homemade French fries

Individuals feel more comfortable doing it themselves, compared with stores, fast food, direct second kill. Ha-ha Food Material List 1 Potato 400g Operational steps 1 Slice, water, how wide is it? It depends on your taste. < br /> 7-8 mature, fish out. 2 Dry starch is laid on the bottom of the plate, put …