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Bacon mashed potato roll (oven version)

The rest of the mashed potatoes are used for the mashed potatoes sandwich. You can see how my mashed potatoes sandwich works. Food Material List 1 Mashed Potato Appropriate amount 2 Bacon Several tablets 3 Oyster Sauce Appropriate amount 4 Black pepper Appropriate amount 5 Olive oil Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Potato mashed with …

French cuisine

Microwave Eggs for Lightning Breakfast

Breakfast for three minutes, dishes and eggs. Let the new day start with nutritious delicacy and high efficiency! Food Material List 1 Egg 1 2 Diced frozen vegetable with assorted Brocades 40g 3 salt Few Operational steps 1 Take an egg and stir it slightly to make the yolk no longer shape. 2 Mix in …


By-product of Halloween pumpkin lamp

Food Material List 1 Pumpkin seeds Operational steps 1 Dig out pumpkin seeds < br /> wash and drain, and remove all meridians and collaterals as far as possible. 2 Spread it flat on a plate, spread it a little without overlapping, and then heat it more evenly < br /> with vegetable oil, salt …


Microwave Cake

Not only can the oven make cakes, but also the electric cooker and microwave oven can make cakes, provided that you have diversified functions of the microwave oven. Food Material List 1 Egg 1 2 Berry sugar 10g 3 Low-gluten flour 20g 4 milk Appropriate amount 5 soybean oil Appropriate amount 6 White vinegar or …

Cold Dishes

Self-made pizza in microwave oven

Food Material List 1 Cake base formula: high gluten flour 170g 2 salt 2G 3 sugar 8g 4 Warm water at 40 C 90g 5 yeast 2G 6 oil 8g Operational steps 1 Formula of cake bottom: 170 grams of high gluten flour, 2 grams of salt, 8 grams of sugar, 90 grams of warm …


Silver Tremella Sydney Sugar Water Beautiful Microwave Cookbook

This dessert is popular with many people. Its hot in summer and delicious to cool down. Tremella Bupi appetizer, and Sydney boiled together, beneficial to Qi Qingchang, nourishing Yin Runfei role, plus two dates, can also invigorate Qi and blood. Food Material List 1 Snow pear 120g 2 Dry Tremella fuciformis 15g Operational steps 1 …

Northeast Cuisine

Healthy potato chips

Food Material List 1 Potato Operational steps 1 Slice and control dry water 2 Sprinkle salt and black pepper evenly. Microwave oven, positive and negative, two minutes each 3 Dry fragrance, thin and crisp 4 The first time is not sure, Hu. The second time is just right. Tips


DIY Simple and Delicious Roasted Chicken Wings

This dish is very simple and delicious. Some ingredients can be replaced. The highlight of this dish is that its DIY and it doesnt need the pickles bought outside. (This is what we teach in our cooking class. You all support me. There are some places you can ask me on my QQ: 9746 29254, …


Roasted chicken wings (microwave version)

Food Material List 1 Chicken wings 2 ginger 3 Mashed garlic Operational steps 1 Wash the chicken wings and scratch them twice with a knife to make them taste better. 2 All the seasonings are mixed together. I take two tablespoons of the old smoke here. I cant smoke too much. Otherwise, the color of …

French cuisine

Breakfast Microwave Cake

Breakfast at home is not easy to eat, make a microwave oven cake, good-looking, moist taste. Food Material List 1 Low powder 40g 2 oil 15g 3 sugar 20g 4 milk 30g 5 Yolk 2 6 Vanilla essence 1 drops 7 Cranberries, chocolate beans, dates, sesame Some 8 protein 2 9 sugar 10g Operational steps …