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Black pepper beef mixed with cold noodles

Food Material List 1 unfamiliar face 1 prick 2 Potato 1 3 Egg 1 4 Ham sausage 1 roots 5 beef 1 pieces 6 Black Pepper Sauce 4 iron spoon 7 Luhua Natural Fresh Soy Sauce 1 scoops 8 Quick-frozen corn, pea and carrot kernels 2 handles 9 onion Half 10 Scallion Appropriate amount Operational …

Cold Dishes

Onion oil noodles

Food Material List 1 noodle 2 Green Chinese onion Operational steps 1 Half of the scallion, chopped, hot pot cooked oil into the pot small heat boil scallion oil, until scallion slightly burnt; 2 Add sesame mash in onion oil and soy sauce, oil consumption and sugar according to individual taste. 3 After fully melting, …

Cold Dishes

Wild tomato paste flour

Food Material List 1 noodle 250g 2 Fried soy sauce Appropriate amount 3 Oil Chicken Vertical Appropriate amount 4 tomato 2 5 Egg 1 Operational steps 1 Chop tomatoes and batter them. Pour sour in the pan, add pepper and salt. Spare 2 Burn noodles underwater. 3 Cook noodles and fry poached eggs at the …