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Chafing dish with rich fish

On cold nights, its best to share this delicious and nutritious treasure fish hotpot with your family. Its also a little happiness to eat a piece of fresh and tender fish meat, drink delicious fish soup and rinse winter vegetables.^ Food Material List 1 Fortune fish About 2 jin Operational steps 1 Cut the fish …


Japanese hot pot SIKIYAKI

Food Material List 1 Fresh beef slices 2 Onion Operational steps 1 SIKIYAKI is easy to make. Add butter in the pot, add onions and onions after the pot is hot, add organic soy sauce (organic soy sauce is relatively light and light in color), add 3 tablespoons of sugar, and finally add a few …

staple food

Kimchi Hotpot

Food Material List 1 Korean hot cabbage Half Jin 2 All kinds of fish balls According to ones own preferences 3 Salt, Raw Extract, Chicken Powder, Sugar 4 Kelp 5 Fans 6 mushroom 7 North tofu 8 Chive Operational steps 1 Cut the hot cabbage into 2-3 cm segments and control the soup for later …

Night snack

Braised mutton hot pot

Food Material List 1 Goat meat with leather 2 Ternip 3 Chinese yam Operational steps 1 Wash and cut the mutton into small pieces. Boil the mutton in a big fire and remove the blood water foam. Add water and boil the mutton in a small fire until the mutton is soft and rotten. Turn …


Hot pot soup base made by foreign students

International students all know that hot pot is absolutely necessary in this season!!! But Zhongchao often does not have clear soup ingredients, sometimes it will dislike too much monosodium glutamate and taste too heavy. Food Material List 1 ginger 2 Chicken wings 3 Red dates 4 Chinese wolfberry 5 Mushroom 6 Scallion 7 salt Operational …


Blooming on the tip of tongue – hot pot dipping sauce

Food Material List 1 Peanut butter One scoop 2 Sesame oil Two scoops 3 Lentinus edodes sauce Half spoon 4 Beef paste Half spoon 5 Oyster sauce Few 6 seed powder of Chinese prickly ash Few 7 Red pepper ring Few 8 Green pepper ring Few 9 White sesame Half spoon 10 Chopped green onion …


Beauty Hotpot

Food Material List 1 Pigs trotters One 2 Greens 3 Chinese cabbage 4 Mushrooms Few 5 Fans Operational steps 1 Porks feet soaked in water, cooked with onion and ginger 2 Pour it into a hot pot and put some wolfberries and dates in it. 3 Wash vegetables, cut mushrooms into small pieces, soak vermicelli …


Seafood Hot pot

Food Material List 1 genuine porgy 2 Small cuttlefish 3 Shrimp 4 Scallop in Shell 5 Oysters 6 Arctic Bay 7 Scallop 8 Mosaic 9 Fat cattle slices 10 asparagus 11 Flammulina velutipes 12 Frozen bean curd 13 sweet potato 14 Carrot 15 Chinese cabbage 16 Lettuce 17 Potato Operational steps 1 Roll the Flammulina …

staple food

Scorpion Hotpot

Food Material List 1 Lamb Spine Hot Pot 1000g 2 All kinds of vegetables you like Operational steps 1 Scorpion chops (please help shop) to clean the fire. Put it in a pressure cooker, add the auxiliary ingredients, cook and pour into the hot pot, cook while eating, and add your favorite vegetable rinse. Tips


Large fragrant hot pot

Fragrant dried goods are of fine quality, but such dried products are not necessarily easily available to anyone, are they? Then how can I share with you the way to make the dried fragrance delicious and delicious? Super delicate large fragrant dry chafing dish with a crisp mouth. Food Material List 1 Aromatic dry 1 …