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Cold Dishes

Vinegar Sliced Longli Fish Fillet

Longlis flesh is delicate and flowery, and no fish spine is very suitable for children to eat vinegar. It is a simple and delicious dish in summer. Food Material List 1 Sole fish 300g 2 Garlic 3-5 valves 3 ginger 2-3 tablets Operational steps 1 Longli is sold in some large stores and the price …


Super cute animal biscuits

A lovely biscuit, loved by both adults and children. Food Material List 1 Low powder 150g 2 butter 75g 3 Powdered sugar 60g 4 Egg 30g 5 Powdered Milk 10g Operational steps 1 Butter softens. An egg is usually 40-50g. Here we only need 30g. 2 In butter, mix well with sugar powder. 3 Beat …

Western-style food

Fried Pot

Food Material List 1 Glutinous rice Appropriate amount 2 sugar Appropriate amount 3 ginger Appropriate amount 4 White sesame Appropriate amount 5 starch Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Glutinous rice with blisters for 2 to 4 hours, with some sugar in it 2 Drain the soaked glutinous rice, add pepper, salt, ginger, white sesame, mix …


Borscht bread

Food Material List 1 Strong flour 115g 2 yeast 2G 3 White granulated sugar 20g 4 salt 1.5g 5 Egg 11g 6 Powdered Milk 4G 7 water 57g as appropriate 8 butter 9g 9 sugar content Appropriate amount 10 Bread surface butter 15g Operational steps 1 Put all the ingredients except butter in the bread …

a dish that goes with liquor

tossed salad

Food Material List 1 Romaine Lettuce One third of the trees Operational steps 1 Wash lettuce, drain and cut into small pieces. 2 In lettuce, put a little salt, sugar, sesame oil, cold vinegar, white sesame, mix well. Tips

staple food

Crispy fried croaker

Although Xiaoshu is poor in China, his childhood memories are very beautiful. For example, Xiaoshu sells Guandong candy in winter at the gate of our school, an old lady who sells ice-lolly in summer, and 10 Guandong candy for a dime. Thats called a delicious candy. If he cant eat big white rabbit and chocolate, …

Hunan cuisine

Korean Baked Steamed Bread with Chewing Flavor

At the weekend, Beijing ushered in the first heavy snow in 2009, which made it feel winter ahead of time before the beginning of winter. Snow like goose feather, slowly drifting down, still sleeping, I was awakened by my husband that it was snowing, I first wanted to take pictures to leave this moment. But …

Hunan cuisine


As a conscientious daughter-in-law of Korean family, mixing rice, sauce soup, cold noodles and hot cabbage are all basic skills. Although I am a real sister in Chongqing, in order to let my husband eat pure Korean cuisine far away from home, these are all right, and my mother-in-law made Korean chili sauce seasoning, it …

Cold Dishes

Plain noodles (cold noodles) convenience

The most refreshing thing in the summer is to eat cold noodles. On the last convenient day before the summer vacation, a friend brought back the local specialty “three rounds of plain noodles” from Nara. Today, make a “plain noodles” lunch. Cook the vegetable noodles and cool them with ice water. Remove them. The ingredients …


Apple Meifen

After the day was hot, the atmosphere of driving picnic and barbecue picnic was the best. Besides all kinds of meat kebabs, all kinds of pure handmade biscuits and cakes are also suitable for outing. This Apple muffin cake, not only easy to operate, sweet taste, but also easy to carry. Take it with you …