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Quick-hand home dish: fried eggs with Flammulina velutipes

Starting to count breakfast in Weibo and Friends circle is at the request of friends. Now it has gradually become a habit. Occasionally, some friends will send a message or QQ to ask why there is no show breakfast today, because my breakfast slowly drives many friends around me to start preparing breakfast for their …


Fried spinach with shrimp skin

Food Material List 1 Spinach 400g Operational steps 1 Material is ready. . 2 Rinse spinach and soak in dilute salt water for 15 minutes. . 3 Grab the leaves off the roots, rub the stems and control the dry water. . 4 Garlic cloves are pressed into mud with a garlic press. Shrimp skins …


Fried mutton with shallots

Mutton is most suitable for eating in winter, so it is called winter tonic. But mutton has a mutton flavor, and it will be ignored by some people. How to choose the location of sheep, correct cooking methods and matching food are very important. This selection is the sheeps spine meat, suitable for fried, fried, …


Egg whites mixed with Tofu

Many children dont like tofu, they think it has a kind of bean smell. Its difficult to swallow. But the nutrition of soybean products is very rich. It is mainly reflected in its rich protein content. The essential amino acids in human body are similar to animal protein. They also contain minerals such as calcium, …


Back-cooked meat The Story of a Kitchen Maid

Hi, Im a deer. Ive been very busy lately. Busy to the whole people burst open (Haha seems a little exaggerated) but I want to say the point is: no matter how busy you can not lose your stomach ah! Did you say yes? Cooking is a very stress-relieving thing for me ~watching the bought …

Northeast Cuisine

Mini Pork Hamburg-COUSS CM-1200 Chef Machine

During the bread season, with the help of a chefs machine, all kinds of delicious bread can be easily made. This miniature pork hamburger can control food intake to a great extent for light food diners. Its also quite good for afternoon tea time. Food Material List 1 Strong flour 200g 2 Rye flour 50g …

Cold Dishes

Salmon avocado rice

Super simple, lazy and nutritious. The most important thing is to love the taste of Cambodian Jasmine rice.~~~ Food Material List 1 Salmon A block 2 Avocado 1 3 lemon Half 4 Cambodian Jasmine Rice 1 bowls Operational steps 1 Prepare the ingredients and steamed rice. It is recommended to use Cambodian Jasmine rice. It …


Scrambled egg with tomato

Food Material List 1 Tomatoes, Eggs 2 Flavoring Operational steps 1 Wash the tomatoes and break the eggs. Beat the eggs with less water, so that the fried eggs will be tender! Then scramble the eggs, then put in the tomatoes, and finally add the seasoning! Tips


Egg yolk biscuits to baby snacks

As a child, snacks were very scarce. How happy it was to have yolk biscuits. If you go down one piece, its crisp and delicious, and youll lick the dregs on your cheeky handle clean. Thats a satisfaction. This little biscuit baby loves it too, so she often cooks it for him. Food Material List …

French cuisine

Coconut Roast Bag with Milk Flavor

In order to let the daughter who came back from running eat soft and delicious bread with appropriate temperature, she would have good noodles on her head and at night. She got up at 5:30 in the morning to exhaust, shape and second hair. She was still in a hurry, her bread fell and her …