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Northeast Cuisine

Ice Cream with Egg Milk (Ice Sand)

Food Material List 1 egg-yolk yellow Five (big eggs) 2 Pure milk 220ml 3 Cottonseed sugar 50g Operational steps 1 Stir together 5 yolks, 50 grams of cotton sugar and 220 mL of milk. 2 Ha-ha, forgot to take photos, and then, put the stirred egg milk into the pot, heated to a slightly cooked …

Northeast Cuisine

Lemon milk ice cream

In the process of production, the butter was forgotten to take photos. Fruit friends could not see the real photos. The effect was not perfect. Food Material List 1 Eggs 2, lemon 1, butter 200, sugar 60 grams Operational steps 1 Use 200 grams of milk, put it on the stove and boil it over …

Northeast Cuisine

Mango Milk Ice Cream

With the rising temperature, the hot summer has come quietly. Ask what is the most comfortable thing to eat in summer, but more than all kinds of tempting ice cream! Now you can make ice-cream at home, it must be hygienic, safe and delicious, and it will also make healthy and delicious for your life, …

Northeast Cuisine

Hand-made ice hockey

Food Material List 1 Fruit-language popsicle machine, juice raisins, etc. Operational steps 1 Prepare ingredients: 2 Chocolates 3 Pour in the juice 4 Milk popsicles stick chocolate sauce 5 Manufacturing Graphics 6 Twist Modeling 7 Continue 8 Take group photos Tips

Northeast Cuisine

Olio Snow Box

Food Material List 1 Oreo 1 bags 2 milk 1 packs 3 cream 1 cans 4 Breakfast cake 1 bags Operational steps 1 Its all supermarket purchases, butter (I think the hand is better, this brand of butter is not delicious, very general), Carlisley this breakfast cake tastes better than Marys cake, the key is …

Northeast Cuisine

Ice Cream Cake

Today is my husbands birthday. Tomorrow flowers will fly to Banff for vacation. But its customary to make a birthday cake for my husband. Look at the empty refrigerator. Theres nothing left but half a can of salad butter. But the kitchen is fantastic. With a little snack, no rice can be served. Food Material …

Northeast Cuisine

Lazy Mango Ice Cream (with Ice Cream Skin)

I am a lazy person, so I have a special preference for food that can be lazy. I believe that many fruit flour have this “bad habit” of laughing! Easy way to make delicious food, always feel refreshed! This mango ice-cream and my previous durian ice-cream can be said to be lazy ice-cream, ha-ha. Our …

Northeast Cuisine

Purple Potato Ice Cream

Simple and delicious. The season for ice cream is coming. Do it yourself. Food Material List 1 Purple sweet potato 1 2 Pure milk Half box 3 cream Twice as pure milk Operational steps 1 1 purple potato peeled and cut into small pieces, steamed (15 minutes). 2 Add steamed purple potatoes with half a …

Northeast Cuisine

Oreo Ice Cream

Summer is coming. Oreo ice cream is simple and convenient. Food Material List 1 Yolk 2 2 Pure milk 250ml 3 Condensed milk 30ml 4 Sugar 80g 5 Unsalted butter 250ml 6 Vanilla essence Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 First of all, egg yolk, milk, milk, vanilla essence and sugar are stirred evenly. 2 Put …

Chinese Cabbage

Vanilla ice cream

Food Material List 1 Yolk 2 2 milk 95ml 3 Sugar 20g 4 Unsalted butter 125ml 5 Vanilla essence Several drops Operational steps 1 Prepare materials. 2 Egg yolk is beaten with 5 grams of sugar until it swells and turns pale yellow. 3 The milk is heated to 80 degrees. 4 Pour the milk …