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Western-style food

Low-calorie snack chickpea mashed vegetable stick

When I dont want to eat anymore, I wont refuse to eat chickpea mashed vegetable sticks. Sproutworkschickpea mashed is my favorite, but using the ingredients at hand and making adaptations is also the fun of cooking. We will teach you several Middle East practices at the weekend. Lets try this Chinese style first. Food Material …

Cold Dishes

Spicy beef sauce

Food Material List 1 beef Half Jin 2 Fermented soya bean 50g 3 Peanut shredding 4 Hot pepper 5 Solo garlic 4 pieces 6 Sugar 7 seed powder of Chinese prickly ash 8 Ginger powder 9 White sesame 10 Black pepper 11 salt 12 Pixian watercress 13 Cumin powder 14 spice 15 Cooking wine Operational …

Creative dishes

Lentinus edodes pork paste

Personally, I think pork should be more fragrant, but I dont eat fat meat, so I use tenderloin meat. Fast food. Its good to cook noodles and half cold dishes when you come back from work. Food Material List 1 Tenderloin 2 Mushrooms 3 Pepper 4 soybean sauce Operational steps 1 Prepare materials. Leave half …

Huaiyang cuisine

Braised Sprouts with Small Meat Paste

Xiaoyis first bullet of super delicious noodle brine Food Material List 1 bean sprouts 50g 2 Streaky pork 500g Operational steps 1 Five-flower pork, green pepper, dried radish diced, five-flower pork with pepper, raw soy sauce, marinated for 15 minutes 2 Ginger, rice, onion, rice pot, diced meat, 2 spoons old, 2 spoons raw, 3 …


Spicy fried crab

Food Material List 1 River crab 500g Operational steps 1 Wash crabs 2 Vegetable fried with vegetable 3 Stir-fry sauce over low heat and add sauce 4 Put crabs, vegetables, seasonings, and last but not least, color with sweet soy sauce and bring out the pot. 5 Its easy to finish. Tips

Afternoon tea

Cream mushroom sauce

This is a very basic and versatile butter sauce, with chicken and duck, steak, or seafood are very good. I also like to mix it with spaghetti. I dont need to add anything else. Its good enough. Based on onion, butter and mushroom, with cream, the taste of fresh, delicious and fragrant is well balanced. …

Northeast Cuisine

Self-made pesto sauce

Starting from basil seeds, after more than two months, the bottle of green sauce was finally made. Vanilla lover, you must not miss this delicacy, whether it is mixed or spread on bread, it is the same delicacy, come and try it! Food Material List 1 Sweet basil 50g 2 Pine nut 50g 3 Olive …


Rose sauce

Food Material List 1 Fresh roses 30 flower Operational steps 1 Wash the fresh roses and dry them in the shade. 2 Place the dried petals in a large container. Add honey and crush it by hand so that each petal can moisten honey. When the petals are rubbed and discolored, they will be all …