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Creative dishes

Shaanxi Porkweed

Food Material List 1 Streaky pork A Jin Operational steps 1 Without oil in the pan, fry the pork directly in the pan until the color turns white. Put ginger slices into the pan. Put the hot pepper horns into the saucepan, and keep pumping. 2 It is important to boil the meat in high …


Childrens love ~homemade meat floss

Meat floss, I believe many children like it very much. The meat floss outside, added too many additives, is not conducive to the health of children. Actually, its easy to do it by yourself. Food Material List 1 Pork loin Operational steps 1 Wash pork loin strips and drain water. Cut into small pieces and …

staple food

Shaanxi Household Sassafras

Food Material List 1 Flesh (fat and lean) 4 jin Operational steps 1 Cut the meat into dices, about 1 cm in size. Like lean meat can put more lean meat, but must have fat meat, otherwise not fragrant. If you have less fat, you must put pressure on the back to rot the meat. …


Lemon curd lemon sauce

The paste used for dessert can be spread on many things. Its easy to learn and everyone loves it. Food Material List 1 Egg Three 2 sugar 34cup 3 Fresh pressed lemon juice 23cup 4 Lemon peel 112tsp 5 Unsalted Butter 5tsp Operational steps 1 Take a pot and put 1 inch of water in …

a dish that goes with liquor

Mango roast chicken breast salad

Food Material List 1 Chicken breast 1 pieces 2 Salt, pepper, cooking wine Appropriate amount 3 basil Few 4 Garlic powder Few 5 Mango 1 only 6 Rusk Few Operational steps 1 Cut mango into dices and set aside. 2 Chicken diced, wine, pepper, salt marinated for a while. 3 Marinated diced meat is mixed …

Korean cuisine

Pizza Formula (3)

Food Material List 1 Beef mince 500g 2 Chopped onion Half 3 Shredded garlic Half a piece 4 Olive oil 1 scoops 5 red wine 125ml 6 Basic ketchup 500g Operational steps 1 Basic tomato sauce method: tomato peeling, a handful of basil leaves, if not, can be used to replace comprehensive vanilla shredded tomatoes …

staple food

Self-made XO Yao Zhu Paste

XO sauce was invented by Hong Kong people. The main ingredient is Yao Zhu (dried scallop), so it is also called Yao Zhu sauce. In addition to Yao Zhu, Haimi and ham are added to freshen the dishes, and salted fish are added to some recipes. It is said that Cantonese chefs have secrets that …


Blueberry jam

Food Material List 1 Blueberry A Jin Operational steps 1 Twist the blueberries first 2 Just after the blueberries were soaked in the water, there was no bottomless pot. 3 After stirring, the lid will be soft and the color will come out. 4 Put sugar in and stir honey continuously. It can be jam …


Juice-Japanese Soup

To make delicious cuisine, soup is the ultimate requirement. ~Ps: For unknown reasons, all the recipes that have been sent before are gone, and only a few are shown on the homepage. I hereby reissue them. Please continue to pay attention to them. Thank you! Food Material List 1 Pure water or mineral water – …

Cold Dishes


Food Material List 1 Chili powder 2 oil Operational steps 1 Put the chili noodles in a bowl. 2 Oil burns until it smokes. 3 Slowly pour the oil into a bowl of chili noodles and stir them upside down. In the end, it succeeded! Tips