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Cold Bean Sprouts

Food Material List 1 Bean sprouts Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Rinse the bean sprouts 2 You cant cook bean sprouts after two times in boiling water. 3 Bring up cold water 4 Just add ingredients. Tips


Salted shepherds Purse

Food Material List 1 Shepherds purse Operational steps 1 After the shepherds purse is boiled over the cold water, it is fished out to dry the water. 2 In a large bowl, add onions, garlic, salt, sugar, apple vinegar, sesame oil, chicken essence, oil and hot pepper. Mix well. Tips

a dish that goes with liquor

Spicy scallion oil mixed with Flammulina velutipes

Like the crisp sound of Flammulina velutipes chewing at the entrance, plus the spicy flavor, the aftertaste is endless. Food Material List 1 Flammulina velutipes Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Prepare ingredients, rinse Flammulina velutipes and scallions, pat garlic and chop pepper. 2 Boil the water and cook the Flammulina velutipes. Drain the water and …


Dried twin silk

Food Material List 1 Watermelon rind 2 lumps 2 Pepper 1 3 chili 2 4 Garlic 3 valves 5 Sichuan Pepper 10 grains 6 White sesame Appropriate amount 7 Carrot 12 roots Operational steps 1 Watermelon peel off the green skin and red pulp, leaving only the green part in the middle cut into filaments; …


Stir-fried cabbage with chrysanthemum leaves

Food Material List 1 Organic cabbage Half box 2 chrysanthemum leaves One copy Operational steps 1 Stir-fry olive oil in a frying pan, add cabbage, stir-fry for a while, then add chrysanthemum leaves, stir-fry and season with salt. Tips


Coir raincoat cucumber

Food Material List 1 Cucumber 3 roots Operational steps 1 Wash cucumber, slice evenly across (90 degrees with cucumber), but do not cut off 2 Turn 180 degrees and slice evenly at an oblique interval (45 degrees with the cucumber) without cutting. Cucumbers cut can be pulled very long, but they keep on pulling. Some …


Cold-mixed lettuce shreds

Food Material List 1 Lettuce 4 roots Operational steps 1 Rinse lettuce and cut into shreds. Mix in salt for 10 minutes. 2 Ten minutes later, squeeze out the water and put the onions on it. 3 Heat olive oil in a pan and pour it over scallions. Mix well. Tips



Food Material List 1 cucumber One (about 300 g) 2 Garlic 2-3 valves Operational steps 1 After cleaning the cucumber, grab a handful of salt with your hand and brush it once. 2 Rinse cucumber, knife and vegetable board with hot boiling water once. 3 Place the whole cucumber on the board and flatten it …


Lilium tricolor

The color, aroma and taste are the highest appraisal of food. And the color is in the first place. Because when people are tasting delicious food, they first see its color. If the food color is bright, it can play a predominant role and make people look forward to it, thus greatly arousing peoples appetite. …


Stir-fried miscellaneous vegetables with water chestnut

Food Material List 1 cucumber A small root 2 Fungus A handful 3 Water chestnut Half bowl Operational steps 1 Wash water chestnut and peel < br /> agaric foam < br /> and slice cucumber, water chestnut and red pepper. 2 Heat the olive oil in the pan and stir-fry the cucumber, water chestnut, …