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Cold Dishes

Curry Mixed Rice

Food Material List 1 Potato One 2 Carrot Half root 3 green pepper 4 Good curry cubes Operational steps 1 Step 1: Prepare the ingredients 2 Step 2: Cut carrots, green pepper, shredded potatoes and soak them in water. 3 The third step is to add a small amount of oil to the potatoes and …

Beijing cuisine

Japanese Curry Pork Chop Rice

Ive always liked curry with rice. Its just so satisfying. There arent many pictures of this dish. Basically, whats wrong with the result chart? You can ask me more pictures in the future. Food Material List 1 pork tenderloin 200g 2 Curry cubes 2 pieces 3 Steamed Rice Bowl Operational steps 1 Treat pork tenderloin …

staple food

Curry lunch meat lunch

Benefits for brothers Food Material List 1 Potato Two 2 Carrot One and a half 3 Luncheon meat Half box Operational steps 1 After boiling the water, put the cut carrot potatoes into the pot and boil until they are soft and rotten. 2 Cut the lunch meat and heat it in the microwave oven …


Curry noodles with seasonal vegetables

Noodles are the easiest and quickest way to cook. Everything in the house is cut and put in. Its also three minutes. Its convenient to cook the noodles in one pot. My favorite dish is curry noodles. Because as long as the curry is ready quickly at home, throw it in and cook it, even …


Curry Mutton grab rice

In hot summer, you need the spicy curry to open the taste buds! Curry mutton grab rice, eat a bowl and then another bowl! With curry powder made by ourselves, the dishes are bright yellow, which comes from turmeric powder in the recipe. Because cumin powder is added, mutton tastes like Xinjiang roast mutton, so …


Cheese Curry Potato Chicken

I havent eaten curry for a long time. In fact, when Im lazy, I dont need curry powder to make it. I just buy Japanese curry and cook it directly. It tastes good. But sometimes I just like to pick my tongue and make a super delicious curry today. Its in direct proportion to your …


Curry braised macaroni

Reading the Works of the Late Night Canteen Food Material List 1 Spiral macaroni 200g 2 Espresso curry cubes Two pieces. 3 Potatoes, carrots Appropriate amount 4 Sugar, salt, chicken powder Appropriate amount. Operational steps 1 Boiled noodles: add salt after boiling water and proper amount of cooking oil. The purpose is to prevent the …

Cold Dishes

Curry crab

Mother turned out several boxes of curries, in order to consume them by the way, echo the crab fat season Food Material List 1 Crab Two 2 Curry Two small pieces Operational steps 1 raw material 2 Carrots and potatoes are oiled, and spare potatoes are taken out. In order to save time, they were …


Rice with Curry Chicken

Food Material List 1 Chicken thigh 2 Potato 3 onion 4 Carrot 5 Curry cubes Operational steps 1 Cut the ingredients into pieces, cook them in oil and water for 10 minutes, and add curry at last. Tips


Khao Mok Gai

Ever since I once had a small hot pot with the bottom of the curry pan, Ive never forgotten the delicacy of curry. Food Material List 1 Drumsticks 3 2 Curry cubes 4 pieces 3 Potato 2 4 onion Half Operational steps 1 Wash the chicken legs and cut them into pieces. Remove the blood …