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Private dishes

Stir-fried tofu dried delicious juice

A very homely dish. But it tastes awesome. Its absolutely good to eat. Food Material List 1 Dried bean curd 200g 2 green pepper 2 3 Red pepper 1 4 Garlic Several petals 5 shredded ginger Appropriate amount 6 Dry pepper Appropriate amount 7 Very delicious juice 1 scoops 8 salt Half spoon Operational steps …

Private dishes

Stir-fried minced pork with sour beans

Stir-fried minced meat with sour beans is an appetizing dish with hot and sour taste. My own pickled cowpea, when you want to eat, take a handful, fried with minced meat and chili peppers, the sour taste floats around the house; eat a mouthful, more than half a bowl of rice. Food Material List 1 …