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Noodles with Soy Bean Paste

Food Material List 1 noodle One kilogram (two persons) 2 Minced meat Half Jin 3 Spinach Appropriate amount 4 cucumber One root 5 Herba schizonepetae Appropriate amount 6 Tomatoes One Operational steps 1 First, put the minced meat into the cooking wine and marinate the soy sauce for a while. 2 Then wash the spinach, …

Huaiyang cuisine

Eggs chow mein

Food Material List 1 Egg Two 2 Noodles One Operational steps 1 Cook the noodles, cool the water and dry them. 2 Oil in the pan, eggs fried directly, slightly shaped. Stir-fry below. 3 Mix the ingredients in advance into the pot. 4 Ripen the pot Tips


Fried Noodle in Soya Sauce

Food Material List 1 Noodles Operational steps 1 Stir-fry the cooked noodles in the pan, then pour in the sauce you prepared before stirring together, and finally put mung beans on the noodles. Tips Remember to cook the noodles into seven parts first!


Shacha fried noodles

Food Material List 1 Pasta 100g 2 Cabbage 100g 3 Bacon 30g Operational steps 1 Cook the spaghetti and put it in cold water. 2 Put a small amount of oil in the pan. When the oil is 50% hot, add bacon and stir-fry for 30 seconds. 3 Stir in Cabbage and stir-fry. 4 Drain …


Sausage fried noodles

Food Material List 1 Noodles Individual portion 2 Tomatoes Half 3 A variety of Chinese cabbage One piece 4 Spicy vegetable Half 5 Sausage Half Operational steps 1 Boil the noodles and take them out and soak them in cold water. 2 Oil, scallion, ginger, garlic, hot pepper and fragrance 3 Pour in the bean …

Cold Dishes

Fast-Handed Bacon Spaghetti

Food Material List 1 fusilli 2 pasta sauce 3 Bacon 1 tablets 4 butter A few 5 Kraft cheese powder A few 6 Grinding Black Pepper A few 7 salt Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Take a pot, who boils it in salt, and hold it for about 10 minutes. If you like the soft …

Korean cuisine

Fresh shrimp and asparagus pasta

I love asparagus very much recently. Food Material List 1 Prawns Four only 2 asparagus A handful 3 Pasta Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 As usual, asparagus is cut into sections and cooked in water (remember to put salt in it). Fresh shrimp is processed into shrimps. 2 Heat the pan, add olive oil and …


Cowpea Mixed Noodles

One of my sons favorite staple foods is noodles, which can be eaten three times a day. Summer is coming, cowpea is the season for the market, cowpea can invigorate the spleen and appetite, diuresis and dehumidification, especially suitable for summer consumption, can invigorate the spleen and stomach, go to the summer. Fresh cowpea noodles, …

Huaiyang cuisine

Mixed noodles with minced garlic and meat

Although I am from the south of the Yangtze River, I like noodles very much, especially hand-rolled noodles made by myself. Whether it is soup noodles or mixed noodles, I like the taste of sour, hot and spicy, slightly fragrant and dry meat. Todays practice is that I combine the old Beijing fried sauce noodles …