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Radish kimchi

Food Material List 1 radish 1 jin Operational steps 1 Rinse and cut the radish into pieces and marinate it with a spoonful of salt for two hours. Rinse and drain the water after two hours. 2 Two spoonfuls of glutinous rice flour and a large glass of water are boiled into paste and cool, …

French cuisine

Family Workshop Edition: Fragrant Meat Zongzi

Food Material List 1 Pork 300g 2 Mushrooms 4 flower 3 Glutinous rice 300g 4 Fresh duck eggs 3 Operational steps 1 Glutinous rice soaked for more than half a day (I went to the morning market before soaking), salt, raw soy sauce, old pickling, the same time as pickling meat. 2 Wash the cotyledons …