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Cold Dishes

Fortune bag

Food Material List 1 Fresh pork Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Preparing food 2 Preparing ingredients 2 3 Frying material 4 finished product 5 Add a graph Tips

Afternoon tea

Chive and clam meat

Food Material List 1 Wen Ge Rou Operational steps 1 Prepared clam meat. 2 The clam meat is sliced. The yellow part needs to be patted with a knife. The meat is patted loose and then boiled in boiling water for a few minutes. 3 Heat the pan and stir-fry clam meat for one minute. …


Shrimp and shrimp

The basal shrimp is the most common shrimp, and its nutrient composition is also very high. Today, we introduce one shrimp and two meals. Food Material List 1 Shrimp Appropriate amount 2 garlic Appropriate amount 3 ginger Appropriate amount 4 Bean paste Appropriate amount 5 Soup Appropriate amount 6 Fermented glutinous rice Appropriate amount 7 …


Steamed Eggs of Fresh Shrimp

The fresh eggs and the fragrance of shrimp make you salivate when you think about it. Food Material List 1 Egg 2 2 shrimp 6 only 3 Scallion Operational steps 1 Disperse eggs, mix well with water, add salt, and steam over boiling water for 5 minutes. 2 Chop onions and garlic, stir-fry in oil …


Curry, Chicken and Rice Balanced Food Battle

My son likes chicken, rice, curry and potatoes. Its time-consuming and tastes good and nutritious to put several kinds of food together. Maybe Im not authentic, but my son likes eating very much. Food Material List 1 Golden Dragon 20g 2 rice 100g 3 Potato 1 4 Chicken leg and meat 200g 5 Curry paste …

Western-style food

Pea Cake

The pea yellow outside is too greasy. Its clean and sanitary. Food Material List 1 Peeled peas A Jin 2 water Appropriate amount 3 Sugar Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Soak the peas one night earlier. The water has not been put in some peas. 2 The next day, the peas were steamed and the …


Homemade rice noodles

I like rice noodles and cold skin, but I dont like to eat rice outside. I planned to make cold skin, but it turned out to be more like rice noodles. The response was quite good when I opened up the valley and gave my husband food. Behind every cook there is a loving husband …

Western-style food

Bean paste cake

Im made of peeled mung beans. It lacks delicacy, but its more nutritious! There are also peeled mung beans on the Internet that can be made more beautiful. Food Material List 1 Mung bean 200g 2 Berry sugar 100g 3 Condensed milk 15ml 4 Vegetable oil 70ml Operational steps 1 Mung beans soak for 6 …

Western-style food

Bean paste cake

Food Material List 1 Peeled mung bean 250g 2 Sugar Appropriate amount 3 Corn or sesame oil Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Choose 250g peeled mung beans and soak them in cold water for two hours. 2 Steam the peeled mung beans for an hour, add sugar and press them into mud with a spoon. …