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Beijing cuisine

Japanese Curry Pork Chop Rice

Ive always liked curry with rice. Its just so satisfying. There arent many pictures of this dish. Basically, whats wrong with the result chart? You can ask me more pictures in the future. Food Material List 1 pork tenderloin 200g 2 Curry cubes 2 pieces 3 Steamed Rice Bowl Operational steps 1 Treat pork tenderloin …


Electric cooker with stewed pork

Food Material List 1 Pork Appropriate amount 2 Carrot One (small) 3 rice Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Minced pork, put in a small bowl of cooking wine, garlic, ginger and soy sauce and marinate for a while. 2 Dice carrots and wash rice. 3 Heat the rice cooker, pour in some oil, stir-fry garlic, …

Northeast Cuisine

Italian Seafood Steamed Rice (Cast Iron or Non-stick)

The key point of Italian seafood steamed rice is to be patient when stirring rice grains in front of us, because we didnt buy Risotto (Italian round rice) and temporarily replaced parboiled rice (parboiledrice), which tastes better for us Asians! Food Material List 1 Parboiledrice 3 cups 2 Prawn 6-8 animals 3 squid One 4 …


Braised rice with Mushroom Sausage

Food Material List 1 Mushrooms 2 Cantonese sausage 3 rice 4 Carrot Operational steps 1 Wash mushrooms, remove roots and set aside, peel carrots, cut into small pieces, and shred ginger. 2 Steam sausages in a sausage pan 3 Take it out and slice it or slice it. 4 Put a little oil in the …

Shanghai cuisine

Fried rice with sour cowpea eggs

Its a very common fried rice, because my mother made sour cowpea, and bought my favorite pure wood eggs from the vegetable market, as well as a large bowl of rice left over from last nights dinner, this noon sour cowpea egg fried rice! The delicious food can be imagined by all the students who …


Fried rice with mixed brocades in summer

Every time there is rice left, my family handles it like this. Renovate the leftovers! Food Material List 1 Overnight rice 400g 2 green pepper 1~2 3 onion 1 4 Merlin ham 100g Operational steps 1 Material processing rice to be pounded, easy to fry under the pot; green pepper, onion, Merlin ham diced; garlic …

French cuisine

Ham and salted egg porridge

Food Material List 1 Cooked salted yolk Four 2 Lean ham Appropriate amount 3 Thai rice Bowl 4 Soup Bowl Operational steps 1 The cooked salted egg yolk is crushed with the back of a spoon. The lean ham is cut into thin threads. The Thai rice is in a bowl and the high soup …

French cuisine

Pumpkin millet porridge

Food Material List 1 Pumpkin 2 millet 3 a variety of Chinese dates Operational steps 1 Rinse millet and jujube in reserve 2 Pumpkin peeled, cut into small pieces, steamed for 15 minutes 3 Steamed pumpkin mashed with a spoon 4 Pumpkin in millet porridge and cook for 10 minutes Tips


Date, lotus seed and eight treasures porridge

Red jujube lotus seed eight treasures porridge, the most traditional eight treasures porridge raw material, natural without additives, self-cooking more assured. Both young and old should nourish and nourish health. Http: Food Material List 1 Red dates 2 Mung bean 3 Lotus seed 4 Coix seed 5 Adzuki Beans 6 Longan 7 peanut 8 …