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Deep-Fried Spare Ribs

Carnivores like dripping meat.^^ Food Material List 1 Pork Chop 5 tablets Operational steps 1 Repeated beating of pork chops, about a dozen times. 2 Sprinkle a little salt and chicken powder on the pork chops, and then grab and marinate for half an hour. 3 Prepare eggs, flour and breadcrumbs. 4 Pick up the …

Northeast Cuisine

Bright Rainbow Pudding

Made for a girlfriend, she likes to eat sweet, gorgeous. Food Material List 1 QQ sweet 12 per taste 2 Sprite 1 bottles Operational steps 1 1. Material ready. 2 2. 12 pieces of QQ sugar were heated in microwave oven for 30 seconds. 3 3. Insert Sprite immediately after heating and stir until it …

a dish that goes with liquor

Colorful Salad Chupi Salad Juice

The study found that many people did not reach the recommended daily intake of vegetables and fruits. So eating salad every day can help you get close to that goal. Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of nutrients, which are of great benefit to health. In addition, this green food can provide the human body …

Northeast Cuisine

Lemon milk ice cream

In the process of production, the butter was forgotten to take photos. Fruit friends could not see the real photos. The effect was not perfect. Food Material List 1 Eggs 2, lemon 1, butter 200, sugar 60 grams Operational steps 1 Use 200 grams of milk, put it on the stove and boil it over …

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Cool Summer Ice Claw Rod Ice

A small mold transforms thousands of flavors Food Material List 1 Yogurt Half bottle 2 Pear One oclock 3 Sour plum soup stick ice 4 Syrup of plum Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Yogurt claw stick ice, can be put into favorite fruits 2 Pour in yogurt and freeze for one night. 3 Lovely yogurt …

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Mung Bean Popsicle

A list of essential items for summer heat dissipation Food Material List 1 Mung bean 250g 2 Sugar Operational steps 1 Boil mung beans, you can use a pressure cooker to crush, you can also boil wine for a long time to boil, add sugar (sugar can be added more). Then scoop up the mung …

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Fruit Pearl Milkshake

Food Material List 1 Mango 1 2 Blueberry Appropriate amount 3 Pure milk 250g 4 Condensed milk Appropriate amount 5 Ice block Appropriate amount 6 Cassava flour 70g 7 Brown sugar 30g 8 water 70g 9 Unsalted butter 80g 10 Granulated sugar 10g Operational steps 1 Pour 70 grams of water into the pot, add …

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Mango Milk Ice Cream

With the rising temperature, the hot summer has come quietly. Ask what is the most comfortable thing to eat in summer, but more than all kinds of tempting ice cream! Now you can make ice-cream at home, it must be hygienic, safe and delicious, and it will also make healthy and delicious for your life, …

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Hand-made ice hockey

Food Material List 1 Fruit-language popsicle machine, juice raisins, etc. Operational steps 1 Prepare ingredients: 2 Chocolates 3 Pour in the juice 4 Milk popsicles stick chocolate sauce 5 Manufacturing Graphics 6 Twist Modeling 7 Continue 8 Take group photos Tips