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Pan-Seared Green Chili Pepper

Food Material List 1 Pepper 3 Operational steps 1 Wash and cut the pepper, chop the garlic and mix the sauce. 2 Hot pan, no oil, directly put hot pepper branding. Press the spoon one by one for a while, and you will hear the sound of water vapor coming out. It will burn until …

Beijing cuisine

Japanese Egg Pack Rice

When you are alone, you should be better to yourself. Simple fried rice with eggs is a gorgeous transformation, wrapped in golden cakes, squeezed out a lovely smiling face with tomato sauce, and the beauty of life needs to be explored carefully. Beauty is not waiting but discovering. Food Material List 1 Cold rice overnight …


Hot and spicy lotus root slices

Food Material List 1 Lotus root Section Operational steps 1 Cut both ends of lotus root, peel, wash and cut into slices. Boil the water in the pot and let the lotus root boil for a while. 2 After the lotus root is thoroughly washed out, it is fished out with a fence and cooled …


Stir-fried noodles with three silks

Food Material List 1 noodle 2 Sausage filament 3 Shredded carrot 4 Shredded cabbage Operational steps 1 Soak the noodles in cold water and then fish them out for drying. 2 Pour oil into the hot pot, go to the pot, stir-fry the shredded carrot and cabbage in the pot, stir-fry the shredded sausage slightly. …

Private dishes

Spicy Pan (Lazy Edition)

Nowadays, it is not difficult for housewives to cook well. If the seasoning is not accurate, they can find a condiment bag to rescue the farm. There are too many high-quality professional kitchen calls to help them. Cooking is no longer boring because they can keep trying many new things. This time I used spicy …


[Sesame Chicken Dice] Eat Simply and Quickly

Food Material List 1 Chicken breast Operational steps 1 Wash and dice chicken breast 2 Cut ginger and garlic into diced chicken 3 Add cooking wine, Pixian bean paste and a pinch of sugar. 4 Mix well and marinate for 10-30 minutes. 5 Fried chicken in oil pan 6 Add a large handful of sesame …


Dimple surface O()

At this time, a knife of Shanxi famous food, after being ready, did not expect that the family liked it very much, so share it with you. Food Material List 1 Mushrooms One hundred and fifty 2 Chilli red Fifteen 3 Rice cake One hundred 4 Crisp intestine One hundred and fifty 5 Chilli Green …

Afternoon tea

Fried mutton with hollow cabbage

Food Material List 1 Hot pot mutton skin A box of 2 Water spinach A handful of 3 Sacha sauce Two tablespoons 4 Garlic 3 valves 5 ginger 2 tablets 6 salt Few 7 Cooking wine Few Operational steps 1 Remove stalks, wash and cut hollow vegetable for 5 cm. 2 Rinse mutton and marinate …


Oil-soaked broad bean

Food Material List Operational steps 1 Wash broad beans and set aside 2 Stir-fry broad bean with hot oil sauce 3 Seasoning of broad bean after ripening 4 Place scallions and peppers in a pan and heat the oil in another pan. Tips

French cuisine

Fried rice

Nutritional lunch for lazy people in 25 minutes Food Material List 1 Fish, eggs, vegetable leaves, eggs and leftovers overnight 2 Salt onion and garlic Operational steps 1 Prepare food 2 Add more oil and fry the eggs quickly with scallions over high heat until 80% of the eggs are ripe. Put out a small …