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chicken broth

Food Material List 1 Quail egg Ten only 2 Taiwanese Meatballs Ten only 3 Hundred pages a sheet 4 Chicken cabbage A handful of Operational steps 1 First, boil the boiling water and lay the quail eggs one by one. Cut 100 pages into pieces. 2 A thick soup with a cup of water, boil …


Spinach Eggflower Soup

Food Material List 1 Spinach A handful of 2 Egg Two Operational steps 1 Boil the water, put in the spinach, see the vegetable is soft, and then slowly pour the beaten eggs into it. In two minutes, it will be all right. Simple, huh-huh. Tips


Golden fried rice

Food Material List 1 Overnight rice Bowl 2 Bacon a slice 3 green pepper One 4 Yolk 2 Operational steps 1 Green pepper, bacon cut into small pieces, rice scattered with shovel as far as possible 2 Pour the olive oil in the pan, heat the oil and stir-fry the bacon. 3 Stir-fry the rice …


Fried rice with love

Easy, quick and delicious Food Material List 1 Corn Appropriate amount 2 Ye Fan Appropriate amount 3 Chinese cabbage Appropriate amount 4 Sausage Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Wash, chop, fry sausage now, then cabbage, my corn is canned, 8 ripe salt, throw rice in, hard shovel knock whatever you like, anyway loosen, rice hot …


Lazy Man Broiled Chicken Wings (Roots)

For beginners who dabble in shepherds purse, who dont have enough seasoning at home and want to eat meat, this kind of lazy persons red-roasted chicken wings is a good choice. Food Material List 1 Chicken wing root All chicgn wings are ready. Operational steps 1 If it is frozen chicken wing root or chicken …


Stir-fried balsam pear

My father-in-laws secret is delicious. Food Material List 1 Three balsam pears Operational steps 1 Balsam pear is washed and cut in half. The seeds and white pulp are removed and sliced. 2 Hot oil, add scallion and stir-fry balsam pear. Seasoning with salt 3 Before going out of the pot, add a little chicken …

Cold Dishes

Lazy people stir-fried rice with garden vegetables

Why call a lazy person to fry rice? Because it was dark when I slept at 3 p.m. this afternoon. Someone said that he was hungry. I said you could make frozen dumplings by yourself. He said that he would make dumplings by himself when I was in bed in the morning. Lazy and unwilling …

staple food

Seaweed salad

Food Material List 1 Kelp Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Choose fresh and thick kelp, wash sediment, cook in boiling water, dont boil too bad, medium well(ripening degree 70%) will do, otherwise it will affect the taste. 2 Cool in boiling water and cut into shreds. 3 Mix the vinegar, salt, chicken essence, pepper, garlic, …


Marble Egg Soup

Food Material List 1 Egg One piece 2 Purple olive 3 Green soya beans 4 Sweet Corn Kernel Operational steps 1 Put the eggs into the container. 2 Add cool white and disperse until a centimeter of foam is released. 3 Put in proper salt. Put corn kernels, green beans and purple olives into eggs …

Northeast Cuisine

Tomato vegetable pasta

I found that I like tomatoes with everything, Chinese and Western, this yoghurt is edible. Food Material List 1 Italian Face to Face 2 tomato 3 Ketchup 4 Color pepper 5 Fresh Perilla 6 Parmesan cheese powder Operational steps 1 Add water and a spoonful of salt to the soup pot. Add pasta after boiling …