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Stir-fried steamed bread

Food Material List 1 Leftover steamed bread Four 2 Egg Four 3 Scallion Few 4 beef Few Operational steps 1 Cut the remaining steamed bread into small pieces 2 Beat up a few eggs 3 When beating eggs, add some salt and pour the steamed bread into the mixture. 4 Cut the beef into pieces. …

French cuisine

Toona Mixed Noodles

In spring, when Grandmas backyard toon sprouted, she ate it. Food Material List 1 Toona sinensis A few 2 Noodles (bought or made by the market) Appropriate amount 3 Cayenne pepper 4 Garlic Operational steps 1 Wash Toona sinensis in clear water, boil it for one minute (remove nitrite from Toona sinensis) and remove the …

French cuisine

Toona Mixed Noodles

Food Material List 1 Vermicelli 2 Toona sinensis Operational steps 1 Mix one spoon of raw soy sauce, one spoon of vinegar, half spoon of salt, half spoon of chicken essence, and sesame oil evenly to mix noodle juice. 2 Wash the Toon and put it in a boiling pot. 3 Hot water. Toona discoloration, …


Garlic, Mushu and Persimmon

Fried persimmons with eggs, the simplest dish for dinner, pull bar, you may have eaten grandmas, mothers warm home flavor, father and husbands instant “specialty” dishes, but also go to the canteen to eat this economical and affordable hot dish in the school days may be the first dish you make, in fact, simple and …


Beef grab rice

Food Material List 1 rice 2 beef Operational steps 1 Soak rice for half an hour. 2 Take the beef soup out of the refrigerator. 3 Cut the carrot into shreds. (Bad knife worker > O


Stir-Fried Rice with Meat and Vegetables

Food Material List 1 rice Two bowls Operational steps 1 Cut green pepper, cucumber and carrot into dices. Cut small scallions into onions. At the same time, prepare onion, ginger and pepper.~ 2 Put the leftover rice into a pot, beat two eggs in, stir them, put on disposable gloves, and crush the rice, one …

a dish that goes with liquor

Cool and refreshing salad radish

Food Material List 1 Cherry Radish A handful of Operational steps 1 Wash the radish and radish reel, cut the radish in half, then put a knife on the board, wash and cut the radish reel. Put the radish, radish reel and garlic in the pot. 2 Mix all the seasonings in the seasoning well. …

Western-style food

Mashed Potato with Carrot Eggs

Eating material is simple, the method is simple, very suitable for my beginners hey hey Food Material List 1 Carrot One root 2 Egg Two 3 Potato Two Operational steps 1 Wash the potatoes and cook them in a pot with boiling water for 20 minutes. After boiling, peel off. 2 Wash carrots and dice …


Shredded coriander

Food Material List 1 Shaun Leo Wung One 2 Raw peanuts 3 Sea rice 4 Meat stuffing Operational steps 1 Soak the peanuts in a pot and boil them. Sprinkle some salt on the peanuts. Cook them well and remove them. 2 Salted vegetable knots cut into shreds soaked in cold water for half a …