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Stir-fried potato shreds

Er… boring play. Food Material List 1 Two potatoes Green pepper 1 2 monosodium glutamate A small spoon 3 salt Few 4 Rapeseed oil Operational steps 1 Wash, peel, shred potatoes and shred peppers. 2 Put the shredded potatoes and chili peppers into the pot to boil, drain, heat the oil, pour the shredded potatoes …

staple food

Green Bean Pigs Foot

1. Collagen proteins in pig hooves can be converted into gelatin during cooking, which can combine with many water, thus effectively improve the physiological function of the body and the water storage function of skin tissue cells, prevent premature skin wrinkles and delay skin aging; 2. Pig hooves are often tired of limbs, leg cramps, …


Stir-fried shredded lentinin

Food Material List 1 Carrot 2 Mustard tuber 3 Mushrooms Operational steps 1 Shredded carrot, pickled mushroom, soaked mushroom and sliced soft 2 Pour the vegetable oil into the pan and heat it. Stir-fry the mushrooms until fragrant. 3 Stir-fry the shredded carrots and mustard pickles until the carrots are broken. Tips Sauerkraut is more …


Tricolored shrimps

Food Material List 1 Roche shrimp Appropriate amount 2 Carrot Appropriate amount 3 Fungus 4 cucumber Operational steps 1 Prepare carrot and cucumber diced. 2 Peel the shrimp and remove the shrimp thread. Put in the cooking wine. Grab the water, starch and salt evenly. It takes about 15 minutes to develop. 3 The carrots …

staple food

Fried pork with bergamot

Food Material List 1 Fat and lean meat Half Jin 2 Chayote Two 3 ginger Few 4 Garlic Few 5 Chili Red 8 6 Soy sauce Few Operational steps 1 Meat slices with a little raw pickling, Bergamot peeled and sliced, ginger and garlic minced, red pepper minced, frying pan oil heated, after oil heated, …

staple food

Lentinus edodes Pills

Food Material List 1 Mushrooms 2 Su Wan Operational steps 1 Vegetable balls (beef balls, fish balls) and mushrooms 2 Cut Lentinus edodes into pieces. Cut the balls in half. 3 2 teaspoons cooking wine + 2 teaspoons soy sauce + 1 teaspoon sugar, 1 teaspoon starch mixing 4 Stir-fry mushrooms with oil and a …


Fried chicken breast with green and red pepper

Very simple stir-fry! But its nutritious. Food Material List 1 Paprika 2 onion Operational steps 1 Cut the vegetables first.~ 2 Everything is cut. 3 Pot onion, then put a little pepper, Oil Fragrant fried chicken, in order to add a little starch, and finally green and red pepper. 4 Output~ Tips

Creative dishes

RIO Cocktail

Mainly light, can be regarded as a diet dish. Put Cranberry to taste with RIO, add rich nutrition to chicken. Light fruit acid, and chicken fusion, just to meet their taste buds. This dish, not very meal, and friends together, can be used as an appetizer. , Food Material List 1 Chicken Breast 150g 2 …