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a dish that goes with liquor

Shredded Lotus-root slice

Lotus root is a very low-key thing, in fact, there is no big taste itself, so the most important thing is to see the seasoning of cold lotus root. Good seasoning and lotus root slices mixed out of the taste, crisp and delicious, coupled with a bowl of porridge, refreshing. Food Material List 1 Crisp …

staple food

Seaweed salad

Food Material List 1 Kelp Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Choose fresh and thick kelp, wash sediment, cook in boiling water, dont boil too bad, medium well(ripening degree 70%) will do, otherwise it will affect the taste. 2 Cool in boiling water and cut into shreds. 3 Mix the vinegar, salt, chicken essence, pepper, garlic, …

a dish that goes with liquor

Fresh Mixed Radish

Food Material List 1 Ternip 2 Dried shrimps 3 Mushrooms 4 Dried scallop 5 Green onion powder Operational steps 1 White radish cutter hob, sewage ripening, mushrooms, dried scallops, shrimp skin has also been ripe. 2 Drain water, season with salt and chicken essence, sprinkle with onions, and finally sprinkle with fried onion oil. Tips

a dish that goes with liquor

Vegetable salad with plum pulp

Food Material List 1 Romaine Lettuce 100g 2 Purple cabbage 60g 3 tomato 60g 4 green pepper 30g 5 Yellow pepper 30g 6 Red pepper 30g Operational steps 1 Wash and slice all prepared vegetables separately. 2 Dress up the cut material and put it on a plate for later use. 3 Mix the seasonings …

a dish that goes with liquor

pickled radish

Everyone eats big fish and meat every day during the Spring Festival, which is easy to get tired of. Make sour and sweet pickled radish, refreshing and greasy. Its super convenient to soak in a jar and eat whenever you want. Food Material List 1 Ternip 1 2 pickled pepper Appropriate amount 3 granulated sugar …