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White fried shrimps

Food Material List 1 shrimp meat 100g 2 Lettuce head 1 article 3 Ginkgo 10 pieces Operational steps 1 Shrimp Processing: Dry the water, salt, liquor for 10 minutes and refrigerate for 10 minutes, keep the shrimp fresh and crisp. 2 Pot, add lard, eight layers of heat, stir-fry shrimps, add ginger slices, garlic slices, …


Fried meat and scrambled eggs with zucchini

Food Material List 1 Pumpkin lean meat and eggs Operational steps 1 Pumpkin, sliced lean meat, break up two eggs; scramble the eggs first, put them in reserve; stir-fry the meat slices, change the color of the pumpkin and add the eggs. Success! Tips

French cuisine

Soybean Milk Dance Pie Black Toothpaste

Egg pancakes are fast and nutritious for breakfast. You can add many kinds of ingredients you like to make different delicacies at will. Because they are easy to make delicious, they are also the breakfast that often appears on my table. I like to mix coarse grains with egg pancakes. Its very good for my …


Pickled pepper and shredded potatoes

Pickled sour radish, there are a lot of them, they use fried vegetables. Sour radish and pickled pepper have their own hot and sour taste. They are crisp with potato shreds. Its an appetizer. Food Material List 1 Potato 2 pickled pepper 4 3 pickled radish Operational steps 1 Shave potatoes and shred them. Rinse …

Afternoon tea

Meat cone

A fast nutritious breakfast that children like. Food Material List 1 Low gluten powder 30g 2 Egg 2 only 3 salt Few 4 Black pepper Few 5 Ketchup 2 scoops 6 Salad dressing 2 scoops 7 Dried meat floss Appropriate amount 8 water Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Eggs, flour, salt and black pepper are …

staple food

Seafood stewed eggs

White-collar lunch is the best Food Material List 1 Egg 3 2 sea cucumber Appropriate amount 3 Shrimp meat Appropriate amount 4 squid Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Three eggs beaten and seasoned with salt 2 Double the water and add some onions to half the seafood. 3 Glass box fresh-keeping film puncture hole fire …


Cold Mixed Okra with Healthy Nutrition

If you dont know what an okra is and what nutrition it has, please Baidu Ha! Food Material List 1 Okra Operational steps 1 Wash fresh okra (I have 25 yuan a kilo here, I feel that the price is a bit high, I do not know what price you have there?). 2 Sit in …


Sesame sauce with beans

A small cold dish that can serve as a snack Food Material List 1 Beans 2 mahjong 3 Sesame oil 4 sesame 5 White pepper 6 salt 7 Thai pepper 8 Green Pepper Operational steps 1 Cut beans, pepper and green pepper into pieces 2 Boil the water in the pot and put in the …


Celery and carrot mixed with peanuts

Food Material List 1 Peanut meat 350g 2 Celery 2 roots 3 Carrot 1 article Operational steps 1 Material is ready. . 2 Wash peanuts and rice, peel and dice carrots, and dice celery. . 3 Boil the pot with water, sprinkle 1 teaspoon salt, cook the peanuts and drain the water. 4 Another pot …