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Scrambled Eggs with Chinese Chives

Food Material List 1 Leek A handful of 2 Egg One or two 3 oil 4 salt Operational steps 1 Fry the eggs until they are eight ripe. 2 Stir-fry leek with eggs 3 Stir-fry leek until 67 is ripe. Add eggs and stir-fry together. 4 Stir-fry the leek until its cooked. Put salt in …


Six Steps for Simple Edition of Fried Crab

Always like to fry crabs with lotus flowers, but the price is not high and environmental services are poor. Restore this dish at home with the simplest method, everyone will, without foundation. Food Material List 1 Green crab Two 2 ginger 10 tablets 3 Soy sauce About 80g 4 Chicken essence Few Operational steps 1 …

Afternoon tea

Egg tea

Egg tea, which is simple and unnecessary, has the effect of moisturizing the throat and dispelling fire. If you like to eat eggs, do it as soon as possible. Food Material List 1 Egg One 2 Crystal sugar 5 pieces 3 boiling water Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Beat an egg in a bowl 2 …


Fried ham with old dried mothers lotus root slices

Food Material List 1 Lotus root A section 2 Ham sausage 1 pieces 3 Old Godmother Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 finished product 2 Wash lotus root, peel, prepare 2 chillies and 1 ham sausage. 3 Cut well and wash, hot oil pan, add some oil, add chili, add food, stir-fry, stir-fry okay! Tips


Shredded tomato and potato

Food Material List 1 Potato Just two moderate ones. 2 tomato One. Choose a juicy one. 3 garlic 2-3 Operational steps 1 Cut potatoes into shreds to make them crisp and soak them in water! When the oil is 60% hot in the pan, stir-fry the sliced garlic over medium and small fires. Dont blur …

staple food

Mediterranean low-carbohydrate fat-reducing lunch

Super-low calories are perfect for losing weight. Food Material List 1 Broccoli 1 2 Chicken breast 1 3 Carrot 1 Operational steps 1 Carrot chicken breast broccoli 2 Wash carrot meat and cut into small pieces of ginger and garlic. 3 Drink carrots in hot water once 4 Put ginger and garlic in the pot …

Cold Dishes

Warm up tomato and egg noodles in winter.

Its snowing outside. If youre tired after a busy day, you should treat yourself well. You must eat dinner, and you should be healthy, nutritious and not grow meat. Hey hey hey, tomato egg noodles Food Material List 1 noodle One person 2 Chopped green onion Appropriate amount 3 Tomatoes Half 4 Egg One piece …


Sauteed Shredded Pork with Green Pepper

Food Material List 1 lean meat 150g 2 green pepper 1 Operational steps 1 Prepare green peppers and cut them into shreds. 2 Prepare shredded meat 3 Mix the shredded meat with the beans 4 Oil to septate heat 5 Put meat in 6 Add green pepper after meat discoloration, stir-fry Tips


Stir-fried celery with bacon

Food Material List 1 Bacon 100g 2 Celery 600g 3 salt Few 4 Chicken essence Few 5 Soy sauce Few 6 Dry pepper Few 7 Sichuan Pepper Five or six Operational steps 1 Pick and wash celery 2 Celery section 3 Cut celery in reserve 4 Reserve bacon slices 5 Heat bacon in a dry …


Classic scrambled eggs with tomatoes (sweet)

Scrambled eggs with tomatoes are a common home dish, but the best dish really needs some tips. Food Material List 1 Tomatoes 2 2 Egg 3 Operational steps 1 Tomatoes are chosen to be ripe and red. Hob Cutting 2 Three eggs break up 3 Add oil to the pan and scramble eggs over high …