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Huaiyang cuisine

The Taste of Childhood–Peach Crisp

There are not many snack choices in my memory when I was a child. Peach crisp is one of them. Food Material List 1 Edible oil 100g 2 Powdered sugar 80g 3 Egg Wash 50g 4 Low powder 225g 5 Soda ash 2G 6 Walnut Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Walnuts are crushed with a …

Northeast Cuisine

Green Tea Frappuccino

Food Material List 1 Tea powder 3G 2 milk 400ml 3 hot water 50ml 4 Condensed milk 15ml 5 Unsalted butter 100g Operational steps 1 Prepare 3 grams of tea powder and tea sauce. 2 Pour in 50 grams of hot water. 3 Mix the tea powder and hot water thoroughly with the tea roll. …

Huaiyang cuisine

Sesame and Banana Soft Biscuits Youth Canteen

The banana biscuit that I had made before was not eaten by my little girl. I never forget this thought. I asked me to continue doing it when I returned to Shenma. Such a simple thing cant make my children always think about Ha. So I started to process it. This time, milk powder and …

Cold Dishes

Spinach Chicken Shredded Noodles

It has always been a hassle to make noodles, but kitchen appliances are so intimate that housewives can also make chef-class things at home. For example, this noodle machine, as long as the formula into the flour, water, oil, a few minutes later will come out of noodles, and the noodles are soft and hard …

Northeast Cuisine

Mango pudding-tender, smooth and refreshing

Silk silk is tender and slippery, with a sweet acidic taste and a rich milk fragrance, who can resist such a taste. Food Material List 1 Mango puree (excluding decoration) 200g 2 Pure milk 200g 3 Unsalted butter 80g 4 Berry sugar 40g 5 Gelatin One tablet and a half = 7.5G Operational steps 1 …

Northeast Cuisine

Luzhou-flavor corn juice

In recent years, it is popular to call uncle maize on the internet, but maize is also a matter of maize, do you know? Maize, originated in Latin America, is the seed of maize, a gramineous herb. Of course, when maize entered China, its name is more diverse: Luogu, stick, Baogu, Yufen, bracteal rice, Pearl …


Avocado Milkshake

Food Material List 1 Avocado 14 2 Yogurt Half bottle Operational steps 1 I chose this yogurt that my family liked. 2 Pour into mixer 3 1/4 avocados. I like them very ripe. 4 Agitator mixing Tips

Northeast Cuisine

Kiwifruit raspberry yoghurt

Its not necessarily raspberry sauce. Everything else is OK. Suggest dessert. Food Material List 1 Kiwifruit 1 2 Raspberry Sauce 20g 3 Yogurt (homemade) 200g Operational steps 1 Preparing food 2 Kiwifruit is diced and spread on yogurt. Then put some jam on it. Tips


Orange Monday

Its pure idleness. Food Material List 1 A mandarin orange 3 2 Apple 1 3 Kiwifruit 1 4 Carrot Half root Operational steps 1 The orange removes the white clothes and tangerine veins. How can the rest be squeezed? 2 Firstly, squeeze hard apple and carrot, then filter out the puree, add kiwifruit juice, and …