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Creative dishes

Cumin pork chop

Food Material List 1 Tenderloin Two pieces 2 Cumin Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Freeze the tenderloin 2 Add cumin and marinate for 10 minutes 3 Remove oil from hot pot 4 Fry for about three minutes. Tips


Sauce roasted cumin spareribs

Lekui cuisine box, which looks bright and beautiful, is not plastic or rubber. Silica gel is a natural ingredient derived from sandstone and crystal, and is one of the best raw materials for direct contact with food. Food Material List 1 Potato Appropriate amount 2 Spareribs Appropriate amount 3 onion Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 …


[Cumin Skewer Roasted Shrimp]

My friend saw a tattoo shop joking me a few years ago: if you go to the tattoo shop, tattoo shrimp bar, later in my circle of friends, I know how much I like shrimp. This is absolute. I dont deny that of course, tattoo is just a joke. I dont want to pretend to …

Cold Dishes

Fried chicken wings

Food Material List 1 Chicken wings 2 flour 3 Egg 4 breadcrumbs 5 lemon 6 Cooking wine 7 Soy sauce 8 Old soy sauce 9 Cumin powder 10 salt 11 sugar 12 Black pepper Operational steps 1 Rinse chicken wings, punch some holes with toothpicks, then marinate them with cooking wine, raw extract, old extract, …


Jiuyang Baking Theatre

Jiuyang air frying pan was used to make grilled chicken hearts. Cumin was put in the salting process to make Cumin tasty and super delicious. Food Material List 1 Heart-shaped 500g Operational steps 1 The chicken hearts are washed clean. 2 Add all the accessories. 3 Stir to make it mixed evenly. 4 String chicken …

Northeast Cuisine

Salt-baked chicken wings

I always wanted to eat salt-baked chicken wings, but the traditional salt-baked chicken wings need a lot of crude salt. So it hasnt been realized. This time, mushroom stole a little lazy at home, took Baohai Tian Salt Baked Chicken Powder, a simple two-step, easy and delicious Salt Baked Chicken. You can lay your favorite …


Baked lamp chop

Food Material List 1 Lamb chops 1000g 2 Chili powder Appropriate amount 3 Pepper Appropriate amount 4 Cumin powder Appropriate amount 5 Soy sauce Two scoops 6 Oyster Sauce Two scoops 7 Cooking wine One scoop 8 onion Half 9 salt Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 When buying lamb chops, let the seller cut the …


[Cumin roast lamb chop with roast garlic]

Food Material List 1 Lamb chops 290g 2 Garlic 2 heads Operational steps 1 Wash lamb chops and soak up surface moisture with kitchen paper 2 1 teaspoon of cumin powder, 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of raw soybean sauce, and marinate for 2-3 hours. 3 Cumin: Pepper: Fennel is mixed in a …


Cumin baked potato chips

Friends gathering, watching TV and baking potato chips are all good snacks. Food Material List 1 Potato 250g 2 salt 1 scoop 3 Cumin powder 1 ceramic spoon 4 Chili powder 1 ceramic spoon 5 Corn oil 1 ceramic spoon 6 Black pepper 1 scoop Operational steps 1 Potatoes are washed. I bake them with …


Jiuyang Baking Theater–Baked Squid Whiskers

Baked squid whiskers, since buying the oven, have been trying to make all kinds of oven food, try to make, try to eat, how delicious how to do, delicious support in their own hands. Food Material List 1 Squid 400g Operational steps 1 Prepare squid whiskers. 2 Cut slices. 3 Sprinkle with sauce and wine. …