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Cumin Potato

Food Material List 1 Potato Four 2 Cumin 3 scoops 3 salt Appropriate amount 4 Chili powder Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Wash the potatoes and peel them. Cut them into pieces. 2 Rest assured that the pot will be steamed for about fifteen minutes. 3 Oil is put in the pot, cumin is put …


Golden cakes and sheep waist

Food Material List 1 Biscuit 2 Sheep waist 3 Coriander Operational steps 1 Cut the sheep waist into pieces and fry the golden cakes crisply. 2 Fried lamb waist crisp, choke chili pepper pan with chili pepper, stir-fry the pan and put chili noodles cumin powder Tips

Afternoon tea

Trial Use of Powder Set –Cumin Mushroom

I dont like cumin very much, but fat man Xiansen likes it very much, and occasionally eats mutton kebab fried tofu squid kebab or something outside. I think I dont like it because of the cumin taste on it. I dont think it tastes good after I bought it; its not because I tried it, …


Trial of Powder Suit Cumin Meat

Im very happy to receive the powder trial suit. It smells fragrant as soon as its opened. Toothpick meat made on trial today is very good for drinking, when snacks are OK Food Material List 1 Tenderloin A small piece 2 salt Few 3 Sugar A spoonful 4 White pepper Few 5 Sweet Potato Starch …

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Cumin Potato

Husband likes potatoes, daughter likes French fries, so he neutralized for a while. Food Material List 1 Small potatoes Six Operational steps 1 First cut the potatoes into small pieces, which is more delicious. Soak them in salt water and drain the water. 2 Boil the potato in oil, heat the oil, fry the potatoes …


Cumin toothpick beef

Toothpick meat has always been a popular dish. Actually, its a bit inappropriate to call it a dish, because it exists in the food streets everywhere. It seems that snacks are more suitable to make toothpick meat, pork and beef. Today this is beef, because I think beef is more fragrant and chewy. Fried crispy …

staple food

Caramel Rib Row-Super Simple and Easy to Start with

Speaking of this roast ribs calculation of my traditional specialty, because too fond of gnawing bones for a long time to find out the dish ~meat lover do not miss it~ Food Material List 1 Rib row Operational steps 1 Cook spareribs in a pot with water, add a few pieces of ginger, two anise …

French cuisine

Cumin steamed bread

I feel that the afternoon is the time when my mouth is greedy. Every time this time, I have to take some snacks to stop it?Today, at the same time, my mouth is idle again, and I have searched for a while, but I havent seen two cold steamed buns on the table. Whats the …

Afternoon tea

Cumin spicy iron plate meat

When I was a child, I liked to eat meat kebabs. There was no oven at home. My father made chicken hearts and meat pieces for me in the way of iron pot + oil-free dry simmering. It tasted good and I missed it very much. Food Material List 1 Pork 300g Operational steps 1 …

staple food

Cumin Potato

Food Material List 1 Small potatoes Some 2 Spring onion Some Operational steps 1 Wash the small potatoes and cook them in a pot with water (the degree of cooking can be determined by each persons taste). 2 Peel the boiled potatoes and cut them into small pieces (medium size, good taste) for use. 3 …