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staple food

Spicy Cummin Wings

Food Material List 1 Chicken wings Several Operational steps 1 Wash chicken wings, cut several knives on both sides with a knife, touch a little salt in a dish, put soy sauce on the dish for a few hours, and slice ginger. 2 Pour ginger in oil, smell its fragrance, fry chicken wings until golden …


A hot belly

Often like to buy pork stomach to eat, used to be used to burn carrots, this time for a new approach – hot stomach, taste excellent. Food Material List 1 Pork stomach Half 2 onion Half 3 Celery Few Operational steps 1 Pork belly flying water. Pour clear water into the pot, add ginger slices …


Cumin mutton and cabbage

This dish was born before the hot pot had finished eating the rest of the mutton and cabbage. Food Material List 1 mutton 2 Cabbage Operational steps 1 Salted mutton with wine and salt for 10 minutes 2 The cabbage is ripped by hand according to its size. 3 Pour a little oil into the …


Cumin steamed bread

Food Material List 1 Leftover steamed bread 3 Operational steps 1 Cut the remaining steamed bread into small dices. 2 Heat the cake stall, put the steamed bread inside, and dry it. 3 During this period, the lid should be constantly opened and turned over. 4 Wait until the surface of steamed bread is yellowish …


Cumin Youyu Fish Circle

If you dont eat enough outside, go home and make it yourself. Food Material List 1 Xian You 400g Operational steps 1 You fish wash clean, peel, especially fish body cut circles, head, claws left stir-fried vegetables; 2 Cut the scallions and set aside. 3 Stir-fried fragrant white sesame on slow fire 4 Preheat pan, …

Cold Dishes

Cumin steamed bun

Food Material List 1 1.5 steamed buns 2 Eggs 2, cumin noodles 1 spoon, chili noodles 1 spoon Operational steps 1 Steamed bread diced 2 Stir two eggs and put a little salt in them. 3 Cut 1 and a half steamed bread and stir with egg liquid. Let the steamed bread be wrapped with …

Cold Dishes

Cumin gluten

Food Material List 1 gluten 400g Operational steps 1 Cut garlic vertically, ginger slices, green and red pepper slices, gluten slices, dried red pepper slices 2 Cook the gluten in a cold underwater pan until it boils. Drain and drain the water. 3 Cool oil in hot pan, stir-fry gluten for three minutes, then drain …


Fragrant fried chicken crisp bone

Today, I dont want to fry chicken crisp bone any more. Its too oily and unhealthy. So I want to lazy to find another way to do chicken crisp bone. After checking the result, I just have one. So I cant lazy, I can only innovate by myself. Food Material List 1 Chicken Crispy Bone …


Cumin Potato

Food Material List 1 Potato Four 2 Cumin 3 scoops 3 salt Appropriate amount 4 Chili powder Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Wash the potatoes and peel them. Cut them into pieces. 2 Rest assured that the pot will be steamed for about fifteen minutes. 3 Oil is put in the pot, cumin is put …


Golden cakes and sheep waist

Food Material List 1 Biscuit 2 Sheep waist 3 Coriander Operational steps 1 Cut the sheep waist into pieces and fry the golden cakes crisply. 2 Fried lamb waist crisp, choke chili pepper pan with chili pepper, stir-fry the pan and put chili noodles cumin powder Tips