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Cumin spareribs

Well, its mostly ribs… Everything else is secondary… Food Material List 1 Spareribs You can eat as much as you want. 2 Pasta If you want to do that… 3 Ginger slices 2-3 pieces is enough Operational steps 1 First, wash the spareribs and marinate them with halogen and cumin powder for a period of …

Afternoon tea

Dried pot spicy cumin chicken leg meat

Food Material List 1 Chicken thigh 2 only 2 Hot pepper 6 3 garlic 3 valves 4 shredded ginger Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Wash chicken leg meat and cut it into small pieces. Put a small amount of salt, liquor and pepper in it for a few pickles. 2 Use the time of pickling …

Western-style food

Homemade cumin-flavored chips

I like it very much, so I often feel very accomplished doing it by myself. Food Material List 1 Potato Two 2 oil Appropriate amount 3 water Appropriate amount 4 Ketchup Appropriate amount 5 Cumin powder Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 1. Peel the potatoes and cut them into slices of medium thickness so that …