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Fried fans

I like eating too much. Food Material List 1 Fans Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Fans are foamed in hot water. Marinate the shredded meat with a little cooking wine and a little salt. Cut the ham and set aside. After the fans are soaked, cut a few sections with scissors. Rinse with cold water …

Northeast Cuisine

Orange Yam Similu

Food Material List 1 Sago 2 Coconut milk 3 orange 4 Chinese yam Operational steps 1 Orange, Chinese yam diced in reserve 2 Cook yam with sago. Sami can be boiled in a crystal clear way. 3 Drain sago and yam and add orange and coconut juice. Tips

Northeast Cuisine

Caragana Madeleine

I believe many people like the taste of lemon, but as a kind of fruit, few people dare to eat the sour one directly. Im afraid the teeth will collapse! Although lemon has always been a small supporting role in food, its role is unforgettable. One day when I bought vegetables, I saw fresh yellow …

Northeast Cuisine

Cranberry cookies

Not long ago, I made this kind of biscuit once. No, I made it several times in succession. Who calls it so delicious? Lets change the shape this time. I cut it with a knife. As usual, after tasting a small piece, I pack it all and walk away! This kind of biscuit is very …

French cuisine

Black Sesame Paste Cake

Do not look at black sesame, but can make our skin become red and white, long-term adherence to eating black sesame, but also make skin tender and smooth, wrinkles reduced. Many girls do not eat to be slim, resulting in inadequate nutrition intake, dry and rough skin, then you can properly supplement some sesame. Sesame …

Northeast Cuisine

Pumpkin and Cranberry Scandinavian

When eating Scandinavian, many people will spread jam and butter, but I dont think this Scandinavian is necessary. Its very delicious to eat alone. Because of the pumpkin paste and some cranberry granules, it tastes rich. Food Material List 1 Plain flour 125g 2 Low-gluten flour 125g 3 butter 75g 4 Berry sugar 30g 5 …

French cuisine

Bitter gourd meal

Food Material List 1 Low powder 130g 2 Coconut silk 50g 3 Balsam pear shredded 70g 4 Egg 1 Operational steps 1 Soften butter at room temperature and whisk with sugar powder 2 Beat up the eggs and add them into (1) one at a time. 3 after sieving, starch was added, coconut shredded, balsam …


Cartoon Milk Yellow Mooncakes

Food Material List 1 Egg 160g (3) 2 butter 80g 3 milk 35g 4 coconut milk 15-20ml 5 custard powder 30ml 6 Wheat flour 75ML Operational steps 1 Beat eggs, add melted butter, milk, coconut milk and stir. 2 Sift in cheese powder and orange powder and beat evenly. 3 Steam in a steamer for …

Northeast Cuisine

Blueberry Casta Bread

Food Material List 1 High gluten powder 250g 2 Scalding 50g 3 salt 3G 4 butter 25g 5 sugar 38g 6 yeast 3G 7 milk 100g Operational steps 1 The yeast takes half of the warm milk and melts it. Then all the ingredients (except butter) are put into the bread machine. Start the sweet …