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Stir-fried diced chicken in black and white

For office workers like us, after lunch every day, they just go back to the office and sit in front of the computer. After a long time, the meat is stored in their stomach. How hard it is for those fats to get rid of when they grow up. Exercise is really not suitable for …

Private dishes

Sour and Spicy Mushroom

In this hot summer, lets have a sour and hot mushroom appetizer.~~ Food Material List 1 pholiota nameko Two boxes Operational steps 1 Cut wild pepper, garlic, garlic leaves, chop pepper, mushroom ready. 2 Stir-fry the minced wild pepper, chopped pepper and garlic in a pot for 2 minutes, then climb aside. 3 Pour the …


Stir-fried pork with garlic seedlings

Food Material List 1 Garlic bolt Half Jin 2 Shredded meat 2 two Operational steps 1 Garlic seedlings folded into segments, about half an inch long; shredded meat to remove blood; dried chili peppers cut into knots; ginger shredded. 2 Pour oil into the pan and heat slightly. Pour ginger into the pan and saute …

Night snack

Stir-fried mussels

Food Material List 1 Fresh mussels Operational steps 1 1. insert the mussel into the mussel with a knife. Open the clam shell, remove the mussel essence and discard the impurities. < br /> 2. Put vinegar, cooking wine and salt into mussel meat and grab and wash. Rinse and cut with a knife. 2 …


Stir-fried and refreshing lotus root slices

Food Material List 1 The lotus root 1 quarter 2 Lettuce Half root 3 Yellow pepper Half Operational steps 1 After peeling lotus root and green bamboo shoot, cut them into semi-circular slices. Soak lotus root slices in white vinegar water to prevent the lotus root from blackening when preparing other materials behind. After removing …


Ham Salad

Food Material List 1 Pistachio 2 cucumber 3 Ham 4 Diced red pepper 5 Canned corn Operational steps 1 Peel pistachios, dice cucumbers, ham and red peppers, and reserve canned corn. 2 Mix lemon, salt, olive oil and black pepper into salad juice. 3 Pour the salad juice into all kinds of vegetables and mix …


Cabbage and Mushroom Soup

Food Material List 1 Cabbage 2 Mushroom 3 Vegetarian sausage Operational steps 1 Cut cabbage into large slices, mushroom slices, vegetable sausage and then cut cross-sectional knife. 2 Oil is added to the hot pot and sausage is fried over low heat. 3 Heat the oil in the pan, stir-fry the mushroom slightly, then stir-fry …


Fried pork shredded with leek

Fresh and tender leek flower is most suitable for fried to eat, when the leek is not put, full of bones, with leek white, cut into inch segments, plus shredded meat fried together, fresh and unusual. The latest fresh leek flower in the market also only appeared for a short time, the best eating period, …


Auricularia cauliflower

Food Material List 1 Fungus 2 Cauliflower 3 Carrot 4 Coriander Operational steps 1 Full-boiled agaric, cauliflower and carrot. Mix well with oil, salt, mushroom essence and coriander. Tips


Stir-fried mixed vegetables with assorted Brocades

Food Material List 1 Purple onion 2 Bean sprouts 3 Carrot 4 Spinach Appropriate amount 5 Fans 6 Mushrooms 7 Black fungus Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Cut onion, agaric, mushroom into thick shreds, spinach, cut into sections, carrot shredded. 2 The vermicelli are soaked and cut; spinach and bean sprouts are cooked in boiling …