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Northeast Cuisine

Homemade hamburgers – completely homemade

Homemade! Mothers dont have to worry about their childrens appetite for foreign fast food anymore! Food Material List 1 Lunch meat (this is not self-made, can be replaced by steak) A can 2 Lettuce (grow by yourself) Several tablets 3 High Gluten Flour (Hamburg Embryo) 150g 4 Eggs (self-raised, hamburger embryos) One 5 Water (hamburger …



I always like to eat, but I always dont feel relieved when I buy something outside. So do it yourself! Just forgot to take pictures! Food Material List 1 Big meat Half Jin Operational steps 1 Wash the meat and chop it gently! 2 Put it in a meat container, add ginger, egg, starch, flour, …


Fried noodles

Remember the childhood Spring Festival ~what I most expect ~is to watch adults go to the oil ~the northern city New Year is very particular about the oil ~fried balls ~fried noodles ~fried fish ~smoked fish ~Haha childhood impression of the year ~always stay in eating ~maybe delicious food can give people a sense of …


Thousands of Sweet and Vinegar Meat Rolls

Food Material List 1 Black pork mince Half bowl 2 Thousand sheets Two sheets Operational steps 1 Mix the minced meat with rice wine and onion and ginger salt < br /> 1000 pieces and cut into small cubes. 2 Put the minced meat on a thousand sheets and fold it left and right like …

a dish that goes with liquor

Oil-splashed Okra

Last year, among the drought relief companions in Yuyao, there was a disabled young man who bought a lot of relief items but was not very convenient. On his way back, he still had to invite us to dinner. We were afraid that he would spend too much money. He said that we all like …


Fried Chicken + Beer

Food Material List 1 Drumsticks 1 only 2 Coriander Few 3 Cooking wine Few 4 Carrefour chicken essence Few 5 salt Few 6 Tammy Few 7 sugar Few 8 Strong flour Few Operational steps 1 The thighs are cut along the inside of the thighs to remove the chicken bones. The chicken leg after bone …


Purple Potato Pills

Food Material List 1 Purple sweet potato 2 Black-and-white ripe sesame 3 Glutinous rice flour 4 Sugar 5 Honey 6 Condensed milk Operational steps 1 Steamed purple potatoes with white sugar while hot 2 Put a small amount of glutinous rice flour one by one, because no water is needed, glutinous rice flour is too …


Custard tart

Super simple and quick afternoon refreshments! Im lazy. Wood has its own egg tart skin. The refrigerator at home has semi-finished egg tart skin. (Egg tarts can be bought from bakeries or on the Internet.) Brothers and sisters at home like to eat egg tarts. What they sell outside is afraid of additives. They are …

Cold Dishes

Potato Coke Cake

Coke cake originated in France, and later introduced to Japan, and flourished in Japan. Coke cake French is croquette, Japanese is koroke, homonym similar to “Coke cake”, so our people call it Coke cake, allusion is so simple! However, in other words, the traditional coke cake is fried food, crisp appearance and soft and delicious …


Onion rings

Food Material List 1 onion One Operational steps 1 Ring onions and soak in water 2 Smooth flour 3 Beat eggs well, add salt and black pepper, and dip onion rings well. 4 Sticky bread crumb 5 Deep-fry until golden brown in 8 minutes. Tips