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staple food

Braised steak fillet

Food Material List 1 Lean meat (plum meat is the best choice) Operational steps 1 Selected lean pork (preferably tender plum meat), sliced into small slices, ordered soy sauce and flour for reserve < br /> 2, hot pepper rolling into small pieces of angular shape, garlic slices for reserve < br /> 3, oil …

Cold Dishes

Raw fried glutinous rice with mixed Brocades

Ma Ma bought more glutinous rice, so he thought about frying it himself. Food Material List 1 Main material 2 Glutinous rice 500g 3 Streaky pork Appropriate amount 4 Bacon Appropriate amount 5 peanut Appropriate amount 6 Mushrooms Appropriate amount 7 Garden radish Appropriate amount 8 sesame Appropriate amount 9 Ducks egg 1 10 Blow …

Beijing cuisine

curry beef with rice

Food Material List 1 Sirloin Appropriate amount 2 onion One 3 Carrot One 4 Potato One 5 spice Some 6 Ginger slices 5 tablets 7 garlic Some 8 Curry cubes Six pieces 9 Cooking wine Quantity of two shovels 10 salt Appropriate amount 11 Pepper One oclock 12 Steamed Rice Some Operational steps 1 Vegetables, …

staple food

Dried fried bacon with beans

Food Material List 1 Dried beans 2 Bacon 3 Chilli Ring 4 Garlic in Northeast China 5 Carrot 6 salt 7 granulated sugar 8 Raw meal 9 soy sauce Operational steps 1 The dried beans were soaked in warm water for more than half an hour, washed and sliced. The garlic in Northeast China was …

staple food

Salted duck stew

The main ingredients are vacuum-packed sauced salted duck. After chopping and steaming, add some small ingredients I love to stir-fry. On the one hand, let the duck oil not be so thick. On the other hand, green pepper and onions are also allowed to disperse the salty taste of salted duck. Stir-fried salted duck has …


Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables shredded meat

Food Material List 1 Dried egg noodles 150g 2 pork tenderloin 100g 3 Pepper Half 4 Dried mushrooms 4 flower 5 Carrot 14 6 Mungbean sprout 50g Operational steps 1 Prepare the raw materials and wash the dried mushrooms with warm water in advance. Cut the shredded mushrooms into shreds. 2 Pork fillet fillet, add …

Beijing cuisine

Salmon avocado rolled Sushi

Its so hot. Whats good? I always like daily food. Especially when the salmon rolls back and has appetite, I just bought salmon and fish seeds. Ill try it myself. Its not difficult at all. Come and have a try. Food Material List 1 Cooked rice Two small bowls 2 sushi nori Two sheets 3 …


Fried pork with chili pepper

Food Material List 1 Streaky pork 300g 2 Red pepper One 3 garlic 20g Operational steps 1 The first step is to cut the ingredients. 2 Cut the pork well 3 Boil the pan with oil, stir-fry the meat, put the chili peppers, and finally start the pan. Tips


Fried ham with old dried mothers lotus root slices

Food Material List 1 Lotus root A section 2 Ham sausage 1 pieces 3 Old Godmother Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 finished product 2 Wash lotus root, peel, prepare 2 chillies and 1 ham sausage. 3 Cut well and wash, hot oil pan, add some oil, add chili, add food, stir-fry, stir-fry okay! Tips