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Pickled pepper and cabbage noodles

The sour and hot cabbage noodles have a unique taste. The tender and smooth noodles with crisp cabbage shreds taste sour and hot and delicious, with distinct layers. Cooking and staple food are all available.~ Food Material List 1 Sweet potato vermicelli 100g 2 Cabbage 80g 3 Red pepper 13 4 Shallot 2 roots 5 …

Private dishes

Chicken with Spicy Chicken Maotai

Its a great honor to be a probationer in the “tasty tasty tasty tasty activity” of the peas. Thank you for the peas and tasty tasty tasty tasty tasty tasty. Soy sauce has been received for several days. Of course, good soy sauce should be accompanied by good ingredients to make delicious dishes – spicy …


Cumin beef

Every time I cook this dish, I turn on the CD-ROM mode instantly, because my brother loves it very much. Even if he did more occasionally, he would come for a midnight snack to wipe them out. Food Material List 1 beef 500g 2 Coriander Lost and lost 3 Cooking wine 30ml 4 soy sauce …


Egg whites mixed with Tofu

Many children dont like tofu, they think it has a kind of bean smell. Its difficult to swallow. But the nutrition of soybean products is very rich. It is mainly reflected in its rich protein content. The essential amino acids in human body are similar to animal protein. They also contain minerals such as calcium, …


Back-cooked meat The Story of a Kitchen Maid

Hi, Im a deer. Ive been very busy lately. Busy to the whole people burst open (Haha seems a little exaggerated) but I want to say the point is: no matter how busy you can not lose your stomach ah! Did you say yes? Cooking is a very stress-relieving thing for me ~watching the bought …

Night snack

Braised asparagus with bacon

According to Baidu, asparagus is rich in a variety of amino acids, proteins and vitamins, especially asparagus asparagine and trace elements selenium, molybdenum, chromium and manganese, which can regulate body metabolism and improve body immunity. It can prevent and treat hypertension, heart disease, leukemia, blood cancer, edema and cystitis. Strong inhibitory and pharmacological effects. Food …


Scrambled egg with tomato

Food Material List 1 Tomatoes, Eggs 2 Flavoring Operational steps 1 Wash the tomatoes and break the eggs. Beat the eggs with less water, so that the fried eggs will be tender! Then scramble the eggs, then put in the tomatoes, and finally add the seasoning! Tips

Night snack

Bean paste stuffed braided bread (soup seed method)

Food Material List 1 Strong flour 225g 2 milk 90g 3 salt 2G 4 White granulated sugar 40g 5 Egg 40g 6 High-sugar-tolerant yeast 3G 7 butter 25g Operational steps 1 Soup seed method is 1:1 soup seed method, boiling water for water. The method is to add boiling water to the flour and mix …

Northeast Cuisine

Shallot Ham Bread

Ham sausage + bread + onion + salad dressing has always been a paranoid love, since they began to bake even more irremediable, baking when the mother just came into the house, as soon as the door said good fragrance.~ Food Material List 1 Strong flour 320G 2 milk 150g 3 Egg 1 4 salt …


Pork, celery, eggplant dumplings

Food Material List 1 flour 2 Pork 3 Celery 4 eggplant Operational steps 1 Add some salt to the flour and beat an egg in. When mixing noodles, add an egg. Dumplings made with this kind of noodles will not stick and break their stomachs. They taste delicious and look beautiful. 2 Slowly add water …