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French cuisine

Meat bag

Big meat steamed buns Food Material List 1 flour 500g 2 Warm water at about 30 degrees 250g 3 yeast 5g 4 Sugar 40g Operational steps 1 Five grams of yeast and 40 grams of sugar were mixed in 250 grams of warm water to boil, and 500 grams of flour were added to knead …


Taro Sweet Bag

Food Material List 1 Taro 2 Corn meal Operational steps 1 When the taro is steamed, it is twisted into mashed taro. 2 Add sugar to make taro paste filling. 3 Steamed in a pot wrapped in steamed bun skin, this weeks corn flour is the skin, crude grain health. Tips

French cuisine

Hedgehog Pack

Food Material List 1 flour 2 Baking powder 3 Red bean paste Operational steps 1 Warm milk with sugar, melt yeast, and let it stand for 5 to 8 minutes, then yeast begins to activate. Salt, flour in a bowl, mix evenly, then pour into the warm milk of the yeast, knead the dough, and …

Huaiyang cuisine

Galliera PM

Food Material List Operational steps 1 Press the orange out of the juice. 2 Peel the melon and slice it into thin slices. 3 Cover with plastic film and heat in microwave oven for 4 minutes until soft (depending on the firepower of each microwave oven). 4 Add orange juice to 150ML boiling water, turn …

French cuisine

Fashion Rabbit Bag

Food Material List 1 flour Appropriate amount 2 Baking powder Appropriate amount 3 sugar Appropriate amount 4 salt Appropriate amount 5 milk Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Fermented Eucalyptus manuals are foamed with a little sugar, salt and warm water. Milk is heated in a microwave oven and poured into flour with fermented water. Mix …