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Onion rings

Food Material List 1 onion One Operational steps 1 Ring onions and soak in water 2 Smooth flour 3 Beat eggs well, add salt and black pepper, and dip onion rings well. 4 Sticky bread crumb 5 Deep-fry until golden brown in 8 minutes. Tips


[Golden Potato] Tastes Different

[Golden Potato] Sprinkled with sour plum powder, with a sweet and sour taste, the taste is crisp, very appetizing, and deep-fried sweet potato chips inside, the taste is thick and sweet, really dripping people can not stop eating! Food Material List 1 Sweet potato (sweet potato) Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Sweet potatoes are peeled …

Northeast Cuisine

Matcha Cake

I like the color of tea, my son also loves it, the light taste of tea, in the afternoon sunshine, a small piece, with a cup of warm milk tea, well, the mood is very beautiful. Food Material List 1 flour 60g 2 Egg 5 3 Tea powder 10g Operational steps 1 Prepare the necessary …


Raw Mixed Garba Shrimp

Food Material List 1 Garba shrimp A Jin Operational steps 1 Wash the prawns, drain the water, put them in a basin, add proper amount of salt, cooking wine, a small amount of sugar and knead gently, marinate for 5 to 10 minutes. 2 Shredded ginger, patted garlic into garlic, chopped scallions into thin and …


Fruit fishing

Food Material List 1 Grape 2 Mango 3 Raisin 4 Yogurt A cup Operational steps 1 Grape peeled, mango diced 2 Raise and pour on yogurt. Put some condensed milk and jam according to taste. Because the grapes my father bought were sour, I put some condensed milk to increase sweetness. Its honey for mother …

Afternoon tea

Crispy Golden Shrimp

Crisp golden shrimp, chooses the hard shell shrimp (urinating shrimp) which is suitable for peeling shrimps at a lower price, peels its head, pickles it with condiments after slicing, wraps it in egg liquid and wraps it in bread bran, and fries it until golden yellow. It has tender crisp outside, good taste, rich nutrition …


Potato and sweet bean paste mooncakes

This is the first time that I made Cantonese moon cakes. In fact, I dont like moon cakes very much because the taste is very sweet and greasy. But I couldnt wait to eat one yesterday before I realized that the original moon cakes I made were fundamentally different from those outside. When you first …

Afternoon tea

Fried fish cake

Food Material List 1 Grass Carp One article 2 Bean curd 250g Operational steps 1 Grass carp, about four kilograms, cut off the head, one hand pressed the fish, the other hand with a knife, along the big bone of the fish, attached to the bone slices, the fish meat separated, and then removed the …

Cold Dishes

Tuna Fried Spring Rolls

I like spring rolls very much and canned tuna very much. So we made tuna spring roll with Thai sweet and hot sauce. Seven of them were made and two of them were gnawed off. Food Material List 1 spring roll wrapper 7 sheets 2 Canned tuna A can 3 cabbage-leaf 2-3 sheets 4 Shallot …