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Northeast Cuisine

Cranberry biscuits

No background story. The key is I love eating! Food Material List 1 Cranberry 125g 2 Low-gluten flour 250g 3 Egg 1-2 4 butter 250g Operational steps 1 1. Cut the cranberry. 2. Add sugar powder after butter softening. Stir well. 3. Add egg liquid. Pour the chopped Cranberry into the chopped cranberry. Pour in …

French cuisine

Fried beef flour

My little friends have forgotten to bring some local condiments and food everywhere they travel now. Well, I cant live up to this Jiangxi rice noodle. Food Material List 1 Dried beef cubes 150g 2 Fern 200g 3 Egg 1 only 4 Jiangxi Rice Flour 50g 5 Romaine Lettuce Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Rice …

Northeast Cuisine

Bright Rainbow Pudding

Made for a girlfriend, she likes to eat sweet, gorgeous. Food Material List 1 QQ sweet 12 per taste 2 Sprite 1 bottles Operational steps 1 1. Material ready. 2 2. 12 pieces of QQ sugar were heated in microwave oven for 30 seconds. 3 3. Insert Sprite immediately after heating and stir until it …

Beijing cuisine


Food Material List 1 Onion, ginger, mushroom, cucumber, carrot, 250g Operational steps 1 Stir-fry the rice with eggs and put it there for reserve. Make the inside of the egg bag into dumpling shape by frying the eggshell in a pan. Tips


Spring Colorful Strawberry Ice Cream

Huang Liangliangs strawberry ice cream, grasp the tail of strawberry, natural and fresh strawberry with rich and mellow cream, tongue tip can not stop! Food Material List 1 Strawberry 700g 2 Mango 1 3 Blueberry 10 pieces 4 Cherry blossoms 4 pieces Operational steps 1 Prepare all kinds of materials and cut strawberries into pieces. …

Northeast Cuisine

Black tea latte

Food Material List 1 milk Half cup 2 Black tea 1 packs 3 Cream A bit of Operational steps 1 Make black tea and put it aside. The thicker the better. 2 Half a cup of milk, add a little cream, butter is mainly for seasoning, boil 3 Pour the boiled milk into the cup. …

Northeast Cuisine

Lemon milk ice cream

In the process of production, the butter was forgotten to take photos. Fruit friends could not see the real photos. The effect was not perfect. Food Material List 1 Eggs 2, lemon 1, butter 200, sugar 60 grams Operational steps 1 Use 200 grams of milk, put it on the stove and boil it over …

Northeast Cuisine

Cool Summer Ice Claw Rod Ice

A small mold transforms thousands of flavors Food Material List 1 Yogurt Half bottle 2 Pear One oclock 3 Sour plum soup stick ice 4 Syrup of plum Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Yogurt claw stick ice, can be put into favorite fruits 2 Pour in yogurt and freeze for one night. 3 Lovely yogurt …

Northeast Cuisine

Mung Bean Popsicle

A list of essential items for summer heat dissipation Food Material List 1 Mung bean 250g 2 Sugar Operational steps 1 Boil mung beans, you can use a pressure cooker to crush, you can also boil wine for a long time to boil, add sugar (sugar can be added more). Then scoop up the mung …

Northeast Cuisine

Mango Milk Ice Cream

With the rising temperature, the hot summer has come quietly. Ask what is the most comfortable thing to eat in summer, but more than all kinds of tempting ice cream! Now you can make ice-cream at home, it must be hygienic, safe and delicious, and it will also make healthy and delicious for your life, …