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Cold Dishes

Chicken Soup, Dumplings

Concentrated chicken soup originally made in the United States is used to cook dumplings. Its the most delicious. A delicious breakfast is so simple and quick. Food Material List 1 Three Fresh Dumplings 500g 2 Concentrated Canned Chicken Soup 425g Operational steps 1 Wanchai Sanxian Dumplings and Concentrated Canned Chicken Soup 2 Wash the cans, …


Dumplings stuffed with spinach vegetable

Food Material List 1 Spinach 2 Fans 3 Egg 4 flour Operational steps 1 First of all, noodles, soft dumplings, so the noodles live softer and tasty. 2 Choose a clean spinach, clean it, and simmer it in a boiling pot to remove oxalic acid. 3 Then take it out and soak it in cool …


Chicken and shrimp dumplings

Food Material List 1 chicken 2 Shrimp Operational steps 1 Chop and stir chicken and shrimp meat. Add seasoning. 2 Stir 3 Sum face 4 Make dumplings 5 Cook 6 It can be dipped in vinegar. Tips

Cold Dishes

Carrot and scallion dumplings (crescent-shaped wrapping)

Home-flavored dumplings, the ingredients are simple, but the taste is not bad at all, there is no big water vegetables, filling is more convenient! The wrapping method is crescent. Rabbits can only wrap this way! Embarrassed Food Material List 1 Fat and lean pork stuffing Half Jin 2 Carrot One root 3 Shallot lapful 4 …

Cold Dishes

Pork and Chinese Cabbage Dumplings

In winter, Chinese cabbage is not only the peoples home dish, but also the peoples safety dish. In Qingdao, we can eat authentic Jiaozhou Chinese cabbage, which tastes delicious and sweet, and is used to make dumplings. It is delicious and delicious to mix pork fillings with pickled soy sauce, which can bring out the …

Cold Dishes

Dumplings stuffed with agaric, egg and cowpea

I remember when I was a child, I came to the city from my hometown in the countryside, or rented a house to live in someone elses house. My mother was always very diligent and did a lot of work. In order to save money by growing vegetables and eating vegetables, she planted them and …


Dumplings with two colors

My son doesnt like vegetables very much, so I usually use my brain on dumplings. The stuffing is made of leek, carrot and meat foam, and the skin is made of spinach juice. Its beautiful in color and nutritious. You can also add eggs to the stuffing. Food Material List 1 Flesh foam (stuffing) 250g …


Too Fresh Leek, Shrimp and Three Fresh Dumplings

Chive and shrimp filling is always the favorite dumpling filling for the little girl. Every winter, there is a kind of yellow leek in the local area. The planting method is very safe and healthy, so a child has a good appetite every three or five times. Food Material List 1 Chinese chives (Chinese chives …


Celery stuffed dumplings

The dumplings made by oneself are much more stuffed than those bought outside. Its very convenient to pack more dumplings which can be refrigerated in the refrigerator and cook them when you are lazy. Food Material List 1 Celery 2 Sandwich meat 3 Dumpling wrapper Operational steps 1 Go to the vegetable farm or supermarket …

French cuisine

Vegetable dumplings with Vertebra Velvet

Dumpling is a common meal for northerners. It takes half an hour to cook a dumpling. What kind of stuffing is used in dumpling, and the food you like varies from place to place. There are customs in the south, eating habits in the north, and bold northerners, especially those in the island city, like …