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Northeast Cuisine

canned yellow peach

Food Material List 1 Yellow peach Two 2 Crystal sugar Appropriate amount 3 Purified water 500ml Operational steps 1 Rinse and peel the Yellow peaches in moderate amount of ice sugar (small partners who like sweets can put more) and set aside. 2 Pour sugar, yellow peach and pure water into a small pot and …


Fried chestnut (sugar-free version)

Because Dad had high blood sugar, Mommy created this sugar-free version of fried chestnut. Originally, I thought that the taste might not be as good as sugar, but it turned out that this practice put forward the original sweet taste of chestnut, health and delicacy at the same time! __________ Food Material List 1 Chinese …

a dish that goes with liquor

Butter fruit salad (tuna, too)

Avocado, also known as avocado, is an evergreen tree and is a relatively famous tropical fruit. The nutritive value of avocado is very high. The oil content of avocado nut is as high as 8%-29%. The extract of avocado fruit is a non-irritating oil, which is not irritating. At the same time, the acidity of …


Cheese and fruit Chowder

In recent days, the south of the Yangtze River has been covered by fog and haze, and the air is dirty. It seems that we have seldom encountered such polluted weather before. Many people obviously feel that their breathing is not smooth, their chest is stuffy and their mood is affected. Fortunately, the cold air …

Northeast Cuisine

Xiaofang Milk

Food Material List 1 milk 250ml 2 starch Two scoops 3 White granulated sugar According to your own taste 4 Condensed milk Two scoops Operational steps 1 First mix 130 mL milk with starch. 2 Mix the rest of the milk with white sugar milk and burn it over a low heat for a while. …

Northeast Cuisine


Food Material List 1 Low powder 60g 2 Egg 3 3 Young granulated sugar (for egg yolk) 20g 4 Corn oil 30g 5 butter-milk 40g 6 Young granulated sugar (for protein) 40g 7 Lemon juice Several drops Operational steps 1 Egg yolk, protein separated, as usual do Qifeng, but the protein hit the wet foaming …

Northeast Cuisine

Buttered red-hearted pitaya fruit

Suddenly I wanted to eat butter. There were pitaya in the fridge, so I tasted it together. It felt good. Food Material List 1 cream Appropriate amount 2 Red Heart Dragon Fruit Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Slice the Pitaya fruit. 2 Pour some butter into the bowl. 3 Stir and eat. Tips


Yogurt salad

Food Material List 1 Cucumber 1 / 3 2 Apple 1 3 tomato 1 4 Litchi 5 pieces 5 Cabbage Several tablets Operational steps 1 Wash everything 2 Cut apples into small pieces and let them soak in salt water to prevent oxidation and yellowing. Cut tomatoes into small pieces and peel litchi petals. 3 …

Northeast Cuisine

Mango Milk Drink

Method 1: Wash mango, peel, core and cut into small pieces. Peel bananas and cut them into small pieces. 2. Pour the above ingredients into the automatic soymilk machine, add milk, press the fruit and vegetable juice key, stir evenly, then pour into the cup, add sugar and stir until melted. Food Material List 1 …