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Fried Banana with Crisp Skin

This dish has a good health function: clearing heat and moistening intestines, relieving thirst and irritation, lowering blood pressure and dredging pulse. Normally the children cant finish eating a banana, so they fry it out and eat four. And it doesnt cost much oil. It doesnt absorb much oil. Its fried in a minute. The …


Fried bananas with bread bran

Babies love bananas but dont like them for a long time. Fried crisp, soft and super fond of eating Food Material List 1 Banana 2 2 Egg 1 3 starch Half bowl 4 breadcrumbs 1.5 bowls 5 Corn oil 2 bowls Operational steps 1 Eggs can be stirred for a while. 2 Starch and breadcrumb …


French fries

Food Material List 1 Some potatoes (as you like) 2 Ketchup 3 starch 50g Operational steps 1 Potato slices soaked in water and starch, slightly coarser (frying will shrink) 2 Boil water for three minutes and add a little salt. 3 Potato chips are taken out of the suction water and mixed with starch. A …


Fried milk

Food Material List 1 Pure milk 500ml 2 sugar Appropriate amount 3 starch Appropriate amount 4 egg white 1 5 Noodle pulp Self-tuning Operational steps 1 As shown in the figure. 2 Stir the boiled milk into a box and freeze it in the refrigerator for 6 hours to make the milk firm and hard. …


Sweet potato purple potato cheese ball

Food Material List 1 sweet potato One 2 Purple sweet potato One 3 cheese 2 pieces Operational steps 1 Wash and slice purple potato and sweet potato 2 Steam for about 3 to 5 minutes. 3 Rinse and fry the white sesame. The beep and jump of the sesame represent ripening. Get up immediately. 4 …


Fried-free steak

Now more and more people like to use air frying pan. Daughter likes fried food very much, but the calorie is too high and unhealthy, so the family usually does not do fried food. Now, fried in an air frying pan, its crisp and tender. Its delicious and healthy without a drop of oil. Food …


Babys Dim Sum Milk Potato Fries

Food Material List 1 Potato 2 2 Unsalted Butter 5g 3 salt Few Operational steps 1 Peel potatoes and cut them into chopstick-like strips, soak and wash them, remove excess starch and drain them. Boil the water, add a little salt and pour them into the potato chips for two minutes. Remove the cool water …


Mashed potato with cheese

Food Material List 1 sweet potato 2 Mozzarella Operational steps 1 Steamed sweet potatoes, digged, mixed milk, butter and sugar, filled back 2 After filling, sprinkle Masurilla crumbs on it. 3 Oven 15-20 minutes 4 Installation, delicious in front of your eyes Tips


Runny avocado–To solve the problem of unripe avocado

Anxious about an unripe avocado, eating the same as pumpkin, but can not throw it away, so I made this sour avocado. Food Material List 1 Avocado Half a 2 Egg One Operational steps 1 This is for taking pictures. In fact, to this extent, I cut it and prepared to eat. In order not …


Vol.34 Pork Chicken Rice Boiled Male Nurture Record

There are many small shops beside the elementary school. There are always one or two open doors with an explosive stove, shouting to buy Taiwans chicken and rice flowers, and looking at you straight. There is a saying on your face: “Get out of the money quickly”. It is worth mentioning that the chicken and …