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Northeast Cuisine

Chiffon Cake

Food Material List 1 egg white icing 2 protein Four pieces 3 Sugar 90g 4 Vinegar 2 drops 5 Egg yolk paste 6 Yolk 4 pieces 7 Olive oil 50g 8 milk 60g 9 Sugar 20g 10 Low gluten powder 90g Operational steps 1 Get all the materials and tools ready 2 Separate the egg …

a dish that goes with liquor

Spanish Valley crackers

I have always disliked the taste of salad dressing, and the fat content of salad dressing is very high. In comparison, I prefer yogurt. It is healthier to replace salad dressing with yogurt. Food Material List 1 Guyou Digestive Cake 2 Sweet pea 3 Sweet corn 4 Yogurt Operational steps 1 Raw materials ready, corn …

Northeast Cuisine

Egg Tart

Food Material List 1 Egg tart skin 6 2 Unsalted butter 65g 3 milk 65g 4 egg-yolk yellow 2 5 Chestnut meal (corn starch) 3G 6 Icing 25g Operational steps 1 All the ingredients are ready. 2 Pour them together and mix well. I put some cranberries in the back. Suggested not to put more …


Durian yogurt

Food Material List 1 Durian 1 pieces 2 Amushi 200ML 3 Cherry 8 pieces Operational steps 1 Material Durian Amushi grape or Cherry durian bottom Amusha top decoration grapes or Cherry or raisins can be imagined to do well after refrigeration for a while better taste. 2 Its really good after refrigeration. Tips



Food Material List 1 Balebo Milkshake One 2 Oleos original flavor A block Operational steps 1 Blebo Milkshake Mixed with Chopsticks 2 Oreo removed the interlayer and crushed it into small particles with a rolling pin 3 Stir the milkshake and put in small Oreo granules. Tips

Northeast Cuisine

Isatis indigotica

Radix Isatidis Tea is necessary in summer, and it is a good product for preventing summer heat! ____________ Mother no longer has to worry about my cold and heatstroke!! Food Material List 1 Egg 3 2 Low powder 50g 3 Isatis indigotica (a small package) 15g 4 Edible oil 30g 5 Sugar (egg yolk) 10g …

Northeast Cuisine

Watermelon Ice

I dont feel bad making desserts. There arent many things in my family. I make some delicious food by myself. Food Material List 1 watermelon 2 water 3 Ice lattice Operational steps 1 Ice lattice 2 iced watermelon 3 bowl 4 Cut off some 5 Bowl setting 6 Juices 7 Put the pressed juice in …


Summer-relieving herb honey

Food Material List 1 Sorbenir 100g 2 Boiling water 3 litres 3 Cold water 300ml 4 Honey One scoop Operational steps 1 Material: Black Cooking Powder, Honey 2 First, take three hundred milliliters of water and pour a hundred grams of powder into it and stir it until there are no particles (such a small …

Northeast Cuisine

Super Simple Chocolate Biscuit

Very delicious snacks, crude biscuits can be made with their own ingredients Food Material List 1 Chocolates 80g (4 items) 2 Ice cream 3 Biscuits Operational steps 1 Ice cream 2 This biscuit is rough and tasty. 3 Chocolate heated in water 4 Fusion 5 The biscuit is crushed in a bag. This biscuit is …