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Onion rings

Food Material List 1 onion One Operational steps 1 Ring onions and soak in water 2 Smooth flour 3 Beat eggs well, add salt and black pepper, and dip onion rings well. 4 Sticky bread crumb 5 Deep-fry until golden brown in 8 minutes. Tips


Easy Food-French Fries

Food Material List 1 Potato Two Operational steps 1 Peel the potatoes and cut them into long strips about 1 cm wide. Rinse them in cold water. 2 Boil some boiled water, put the chips in, turn them over, heat them evenly, then remove them, and immediately rinse and drain the water with cold water. …


Cranberry Cookies

A little bit of love for Astro Boy Food Material List 1 Low-gluten flour 115g 2 Powdered sugar 50g 3 Egg 20g 4 butter 75g Operational steps 1 Material weighed separately to be used 2 The butter thaws naturally, and the sugar powder is added to whiten the butter until the butter turns white and …


Blueberry muffin

People who like blueberries are afraid to scream, because when blueberries are wrapped in a muffin cake, the taste is indescribable! Blueberry has always been favored by girls, known for its antioxidant properties, so it is a very good fruit for skin care. The taste of blueberry alone is enough to make people admire. The …

Northeast Cuisine

6 inch light cheese cake

Recently, I have been fascinated with making light cheese. Every time I make light cheese, there are some problems. Some cracks and some defoaming, I cant make a satisfactory sweet potato tart. Today I make sweet potato tart with cheese. I specially set aside 125 grams of butter cheese, so that I can make a …


[Golden Potato] Tastes Different

[Golden Potato] Sprinkled with sour plum powder, with a sweet and sour taste, the taste is crisp, very appetizing, and deep-fried sweet potato chips inside, the taste is thick and sweet, really dripping people can not stop eating! Food Material List 1 Sweet potato (sweet potato) Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Sweet potatoes are peeled …


Fried bananas

Food Material List 1 Banana Two article 2 Egg One piece 3 Raw meal Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Peel and slice bananas 2 Eggs break up 3 Dip in raw meal 4 Dip in eggs 5 Boil the oil. Put the bananas on. Its almost scorched. 6 Dont waste eggs, pour them into the …


Self-made peel, hawthorn roll.

My son loves Hawthorn rolls very much, so do it yourself. Food Material List 1 Hawthorn Some 2 sugar Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Choose fresh hawthorn, wash it, steam it in a steamer (stick it with chopsticks, its easy to penetrate it), and remove the core. Add granulated sugar and crush. The reason for …

Beijing cuisine

Hokkaido Qifeng

Food Material List 1 milk 300g 2 Fine sugar (custard stuffing) 80g 3 Yolk 4 4 Low powder 25g 5 corn starch 12g 6 Unsalted Butter 20g 7 Unsalted butter 250g 8 Here is Qifeng Cup Material 9 protein 4 10 Yolk 4 11 Fine granulated sugar (whipping protein) 30g 12 Fine granulated sugar (mixed …