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Strawberry Cake Roll

Food Material List 1 Yolk 95 (about 4) 2 White granulated sugar 20g 3 Low powder 55g 4 butter 15g 5 milk 25g 6 protein 110g (about 6) 7 White granulated sugar 50g Operational steps 1 Whisk the yolk with sugar until it turns white. Heat the milk with butter until the butter is liquid …


Dining Room Sad Jewel Jelly

Our first love is always beautiful and complete, but how many people can withdraw from the first love? Food Material List 1 QQ Sugar (Recommended Litchi Flavor) 22 grains 2 Coconut (supermarket filling) 5 pieces 3 Cherry 3 pieces Operational steps 1 Take a small pot, pour the pure water into it, and melt the …


Hawthorn plum tea

Food Material List 1 Dry Hawthorn Appropriate amount 2 Plum meat Appropriate amount 3 Ceylon Tea Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Take a glass oven, take hawthorn and plum, add a bag of Ceylon black tea bag, put into the filter chamber, add a spoon of sugar, pour boiling water, set the base on fire, …