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Sweet Meisse Making Mango White Snow Black Glutinous Rice

The classic Hong Kong dessert is silky and sweet Food Material List 1 Black rice 100g 2 Unsalted butter 30ml 3 coconut milk 150ml 4 Ice cream 80g Operational steps 1 Soak black rice in advance for 2 hours. Pour it into an electric rice cooker. Add sugar, water and steam for 40 minutes. 2 …

Northeast Cuisine

Sweet potato oatmeal cake

Food Material List 1 sweet potato 2 2 oats 100g Operational steps 1 Sweet potatoes are steamed and mashed. 2 Place a layer of oats on the dish, set up a love model, fill in the sweet potato paste, and then lay a layer of oats, pat solid. 3 Place the heart-shaped sweet potato paste …


Rainbow Pudding

Food Material List 1 Mango 10g 2 Strawberry 10g 3 Kiwifruit 10g Operational steps 1 Put the above fruits into mud 2 Dispense gelatin powder with boiling water 3 Mix mango paste with fish gelatin powder and freeze in refrigerator for about 5 minutes. 4 Mix strawberry puree with fish gum powder and freeze in …