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Yogurt Cake

I made a mistake here. I only have a square 8-inch solid bottom die. I am afraid that the 6-inch movable bottom die will get water even if it is covered with tin paper. So I decided to use an 8-inch die to consider it, so that the finished product will not be covered very …


Caramel lemon tart

Food Material List 1 5 cm in diameter and 1 cm in height 4 2 Plain flour 105g Operational steps 1 Caramel lemon tart < br /> component: 5 cm in diameter, 1,5 cm in height, 4 circle moulds < br /> tart skin: medium gluten flour 105g, butter 60g, sugar powder 42g, almond powder …

Northeast Cuisine

Grapefruit honey Qixi

The early morning sunshine is so warm that it snuggles beside the windowsill and is plated with a layer of gold, which makes the time quiet. The Tanabata Festival is approaching. On this beautiful day, which belongs to lover, I express my heart with a sweet drink with colourful color and fragrant taste. Food Material …


Thousands of Sweet and Vinegar Meat Rolls

Food Material List 1 Black pork mince Half bowl 2 Thousand sheets Two sheets Operational steps 1 Mix the minced meat with rice wine and onion and ginger salt < br /> 1000 pieces and cut into small cubes. 2 Put the minced meat on a thousand sheets and fold it left and right like …

Northeast Cuisine

Mango Oreo Ice Cream

Food Material List 1 Egg 1 2 Light cream (with a little rum) 200ML 3 Sugar 50g 4 milk 200ML 5 Mango, Half an Australian mango 6 Oreo (arbitrary) 7 Milk refining (optional) A few 8 Lemon juice A few Operational steps 1 1. Mango chopped with lemon juice, 2. Protein with sugar, 3. Cream …

Afternoon tea

Delicious Rabbit Edition Dry Fried Flammulina velutipes

Flammulina velutipes is really a good thing. It tastes good to do anything. Rabbit I like to eat Flammulina velutipes very much, especially fried Flammulina velutipes, golden yellow color, it looks very appetite, coupled with the taste of Jiaoli, the method is very simple, eaters quickly try it! Rabbit love you to Food Material List …


Onion rings

Food Material List 1 onion One Operational steps 1 Ring onions and soak in water 2 Smooth flour 3 Beat eggs well, add salt and black pepper, and dip onion rings well. 4 Sticky bread crumb 5 Deep-fry until golden brown in 8 minutes. Tips


French fries

Food Material List 1 Potato 350g 2 Ketchup 72g Operational steps 1 a bag of chips 2 A bag of ketchup 3 Pour the chips into the frying pan 4 Deep-fry for 2*3 minutes 5 finished product Tips

Afternoon tea

Cumin Roast Autumn Saury Jiuyang Baking Theater

Protein is the main component of saury, and its protein content is the first of all fish. Vitamin A in saury is 16 times more than beef, which has a good preventive effect on night blindness. Vitamin E in saury can also slow down the aging of human body. It also contains a large number …


[Golden Potato] Tastes Different

[Golden Potato] Sprinkled with sour plum powder, with a sweet and sour taste, the taste is crisp, very appetizing, and deep-fried sweet potato chips inside, the taste is thick and sweet, really dripping people can not stop eating! Food Material List 1 Sweet potato (sweet potato) Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Sweet potatoes are peeled …