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Saute Spicy Chicken

At present, I just graduated from college and rented my own house. I began to think about cooking skills. This is my specialty dish. Its very good for rice. Food Material List 1 Drumsticks A Jin 2 Potato Two 3 Mushrooms 5,6 4 green pepper Three Operational steps 1 Boil the chicken in boiling water. …


Salt Baked Chicken

Food Material List 1 Three yellow chicken 1 only 2 Salt-baked chicken meal 1 packs 3 Scallion 1 bunch 4 ginger 2 tablets 5 Salt chicken special paper 2 sheets 6 Crude sea salt 200Og 7 Green Chinese onion 1 roots Operational steps 1 Slice ginger, knot onion, cut onion. 2 Clean the head and …

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Dry pot baby dish

Food Material List 1 Baby Cabbage Two trees 2 Bacon 42 Operational steps 1 Fried pepper, fried onion, ginger, garlic, Pixian bean paste, fried bacon. 2 Put in baby vegetables and other dishes, stir-fry constantly, put sugar, raw smoke, and finally put salt, otherwise out of the soup. Just go out of the pot. Tips


Chicken Baked with Cheese and Potato

I always put very little cheese out for cheese baking or anything. I want a lot of cheese!! ____________ I do as much as I like!! Food Material List 1 chicken Half a 2 Potato 1 3 green pepper One 4 onion Half 5 butter Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 The chicken (whole piece) is …


Delicious Chicken Happiness

The name of chicken addiction comes from the fact that chicken addiction is still aaddictionin the pot when attending the dinner, so the name of chicken addiction is unorthodox. The orthodox method is made of casseroles, but the taste is the same delicacy. If you eat hot, you will get a big discount when its …

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Egg Pack Tritin

Sometimes I want to have a little mood, sometimes I want to enjoy myself, so I often enjoy myself. Today this egg bag emulates the egg bag eel from the gourmet show. Food Material List 1 Egg 2 2 bacon 100g 3 peas 50g 4 Corn 50g Operational steps 1 The fried bacon. Does it …


Pickled gourd

Food Material List 1 Sweet potato 2 Crystal sugar 3 Edible oil Operational steps 1 Wash and peel the sweet potatoes and cut them into pieces. 2 Heat oil in the pan. Turn to low heat and fry the sweet potatoes until the surface is a little brown. 3 Ice sugar, water in proportion of …


Chili Chicken

Food Material List 1 Chicken Operational steps 1 First, cut the chicken into small pieces and put in wine, salt, pepper powder and a small amount of starch soy sauce for half an hour. 2 Cut scallions into scallions, garlic into slices of garlic and ginger, and set aside. 3 Then kiss! Just fry the …

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Baked chicken wings

Most chicken wings are fried, braised and so on. Because Im a lazy person, I use roast instead. A little innovation. Food Material List 1 Chicken wings (only the middle and tip parts) 12 only Operational steps 1 The chicken wings are washed first, then soaked in salt water for 10 minutes, so that the …