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Shenxian Decoction

Food Material List 1 Duck meat A Jin 2 Wax gourd 3 Job tears Half Jin Operational steps 1 Bake duck in boiling water and slice ginger. 2 Put a little carved wine in another pot. 3 Then put duck, wax gourd, ginger slices and wolfberry into the pot to boil. Tips


Stuffed clams with sauce

In the past, there were many families who cooked and chopped leeks to make pies in their old rivers. It tasted good too.~ Food Material List 1 Clams 2 Garlic bolt Operational steps 1 Put the purchased clams in the clean water washing pot, boil the water, then put the cleaned clams in the boiling …

Afternoon tea

Chicken kebab with sauce

Food Material List 1 green pepper 2 onion 3 Carrot 4 Chicken thigh Operational steps 1 Wash and dice green pepper and onion separately, carve carrots. 2 Cut chicken leg into small dices and marinate with soy sauce, salt, sugar, cooking wine, Sufu milk, chili powder and ginger powder. 3 String green pepper, onion and …


Asparagus pickled by Dictyophora yunnanensis

Nutrient-rich asparagus grilled by Dictyophora yunnanensis Food Material List 1 Dictyophora 2 asparagus Operational steps 1 Bamboo Sun Moisture, Wash and Cut 3 cm Section, Auricularia auricula, Tremella fuciformis Moisture 2 Asparagus braised water reserve 3 Heat oil in a hot pot, add garlic slices, stir-fry Tremella fuciformis and then put asparagus and wolfberry. 4 …

Northeast Cuisine

Mexican bread

Food Material List 1 Strong flour 150g 2 Powdered Milk 1 tablespoon 3 salt 14 spoons 4 sugar 30g 5 Egg 15g 6 yeast 1 spoon 7 water 70g 8 butter 15g 9 Powdered sugar 20g 10 Low-gluten flour 30g 11 salt A handful 12 Egg 30g 13 butter 30g Operational steps 1 The dough …

Afternoon tea

Chinese cabbage meat roll

Food Material List 1 Meat stuffing 2 Chinese cabbage Operational steps 1 Mix the minced lean meat with salt, monosodium glutamate and pepper. 2 Rinse the tender leaves of Chinese cabbage and roll in the meat filling. 3 Steam 2530 minutes in a pan Tips


Red Oil Spicy Tofu

Boss Nakan said, like today, Yuanlong stink, Meng Gong Guan. My sick gentleman came singing and drinking, shocked and scattered the snow at the top of the building. Laughter is rich and handsome. Who will listen to the empty hard disk? In those days, there was only the West Window Moon. There is no difference …

Creative dishes

Suzhou Dry Pot Chicken

This dish tastes good, but the steps are troublesome and the average family does little. Its mainly a hotel, but today Ill introduce this dish to you as a family dish. Food Material List 1 Chicken Cut Small Pieces A chicgn 2 Cut Onions into Blocks 1 Operational steps 1 Heat the pot to a …

French cuisine

Five-grain thick pulp

I used to go to the supermarket to buy coarse grain drinks like grains and grains. Since I recently bought a soymilk machine, now I can make many drinks by myself. Food Material List 1 Black rice One hundred and ten 2 Buckwheat One hundred and ten 3 rice Fifteen 4 Peanut meat Fifteen 5 …