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Northeast Cuisine

Chiffon Cake

Food Material List 1 Low-gluten flour 100g 2 corn starch 10g 3 Fine white sugar 70g 4 Corn oil 60g 5 Pure milk 75g 6 Egg 5 Operational steps 1 Protein, yolk separation 2 Egg yolk paste, egg yolk, 20 g sugar, oil added in three times, milk added to mix evenly after adding sifted …


Fried hairtail with ginger

Food Material List 1 Hairtail Two pieces 2 ginger Appropriate amount 3 Garlic Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Wrap the hairtail in potato flour 2 Add anise and stir-fry pepper 3 Fry the hairtail until both sides turn yellow. Finish. Tips


Curry ribs

Food Material List 1 Rib row 200g 2 onion 1 3 Green Chinese onion One 4 Curry cubes Two persons 5 Corn Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Rib wash the blood water, turn over the overheated water and quickly pick up the reserve. Cut onions and onions into small pieces. 2 Put a little oil …

Private dishes

spicy fish

Food Material List 1 carp One article Operational steps 1 Carp scales, take out the contents of the stomach, wash the blood on the carp, cut off the head of the fish, and separate the fish. Cut the fish steak quickly, cut the fish slices with salt and wine, and submerge them. 2 Heat a …


Spicy crayfish

The key point of spicy crayfish is fragrance + spicy, slightly put a little pepper with a tingling feeling, must remember to put sugar oh, flavor is particularly important, other ingredients see below. This is the first time that I have cooked crayfish, but it tastes really good, because it uses the chili powder (Pepper …


Cuiyi Caiding

Food Material List 1 Watermelon rind 2 Mushrooms 3 Color pepper 4 Pork Operational steps 1 Watermelon peel, mushroom, pepper and pork are all diced. 2 Diced meat served with liquor and pickled raw for 10 minutes. 3 When the hot oil in the pan is heated to 70%, stir-fry the diced meat, add a …

Western-style food

Chicken Seaweed Roll

The first time I cooked this, there was too much chicken and it didnt roll up very well. Add a little chopped carrot, the color will not be too monotonous. Taste is light, suitable for children to eat oh~ Food Material List 1 Chicken breast 250g 2 Thousands of beanskin 1 sheets 3 Egg 1 …

staple food

Fried Silver Teeth with Green and Red Silk

Food Material List 1 Mungbean sprout 2 Carrot 3 green pepper Operational steps 1 Wash the mung bean sprouts, pinch off both ends and leave the middle part for reserve. 2 Clean the carrot and green pepper, peel and shred the carrot, pepper and seed. 3 Add cooking oil to the frying pan, add two …

Night snack

Tofu meatball

Food Material List 1 Bean curd Operational steps 1 Crush tofu, twist seasoning into balls, deep-fry in oil pan, add dipping material. Tips