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Afternoon tea

Sour Vegetable Fat Cattle

Its not too expensive to cook for the first time. Food Material List 1 Flammulina velutipes 1 boxes 2 Fat cattle 1 boxes 3 Baby Cabbage One and a half 4 Fans 1 bundles Operational steps 1 Flammulina velutipes blanched in cold water 2 Put scallions, ginger, garlic, pickled peppers, 5,6 pieces, millet pepper, pickles …


Cordyceps sinensis flower gum soup

“Womens soup” is a soup cooked with gum, namely fish belly, dried products of all kinds of swim bladder, and mixed with gum and other nourishing materials. Once a woman gets married, she will appear Yin deficiency. In order to keep her constitution cool or not hot, this “womens soup” is your best choice. Cordyceps …

Italy cuisine

Qingre Xiaoshu Qushi Decoction

Food Material List 1 Kapok 15g 2 Self-heal 15g 3 Adzuki Beans 15g 4 Poria cocos 10g 5 Fried lentils 10g 6 Job tears 10g 7 Gorgon fruit 10g 8 Pig bone 400g Operational steps 1 Pig bone chop block open water, froth foam to pick up. Denucleation of honey jujube. Wash all remaining materials …


Clam, shrimp and tofu soup

Food Material List 1 Meretrix meretrix 2 tender beancurd Operational steps 1 Choose fresh clams and keep them in ice water for a few hours (add some salt to the water) so that they can spit out the sand in their stomachs; < br /> slice the tender tofu into small pieces; < br /> …


Coconut Beauty Muscle Soup with Conch Chips

Flower gum is known as “sea ginseng”, and it is also praised as a “beauty-preserving saint”. Flower gum is a treasure for both men and women. It is more nourishing for women, and has the reputation of “soft gold for women” and “treasure for pregnant women”. It has the function of nourishing Yin and fixing …


Jujube Tremella and Peach Seed Soup

Food Material List 1 Red dates 2 Tremella 3 Walnut kernel 4 Dry litchi Operational steps 1 Wash the foamed tremella, peel off the Yellow pedicels and tear them into small pieces. 2 Make water in the pot and put in thick soup treasure, scallion and ginger slices. 3 After boiling, add Tremella fuciformis, jujube …


Purple potato tremella soup

Food Material List 1 Purple sweet potato 2 Tremella 3 rice Operational steps 1 Cut purple potatoes into dices. Bubble Tremella Tremella and boil the rice and purple potatoes in the pot. 2 After boiling the water, put the soaked Tremella into the pot and cook for 2 minutes. 3 Live some flour flour to …


Stewed chicken soup

Food Material List 1 old hen 1 only Operational steps 1 Wash the chicken and put it into a stew pot. Boil the chicken with accessories and simmer over low heat for about 2 hours. Tips


Cuttlefish Dry Yinbai Paigu Decoction

Food Material List 1 Dried cuttlefish (or squid) 200g 2 baby back rib 250g 3 Zizania latifolia (or bamboo shoots) 200g Operational steps 1 Dried cuttlefish (or squid) is watered for 2 hours. 2 Wash the steak and put it in a casserole. Put ginger slices in it. Bring to a boil and remove the …


Danggui Dangshen Huangqi Jujube Wuji Decoction

Angelica sinensis, Codonopsis pilosula and Astragalus membranaceus are all ingredients for nourishing blood and qi. Stewing with black chicken or old chicken can quickly supplement human blood gas, nourish yin and nourish face. It also has a certain regulating effect on female studentscommon irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea. At the same time, it can nourish spleen …