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Private dishes

Nutritional fish-flavored eggs with meals

Are you losing appetite in summer? Have some sweet and sour fish flavor, yellow eggs, red carrots and green peppers, will you have appetite when you look at them? Food Material List 1 Egg 3 2 Black fungus 6 flower 3 green pepper One 4 Carrot Half root 5 Water starch (fish sauce) Two tablespoons …


Quick-hand home dish: fried eggs with Flammulina velutipes

Starting to count breakfast in Weibo and Friends circle is at the request of friends. Now it has gradually become a habit. Occasionally, some friends will send a message or QQ to ask why there is no show breakfast today, because my breakfast slowly drives many friends around me to start preparing breakfast for their …


Quick-hand home delicacy–fried eggs with agaric

Fried eggs with agaric is one of the most common dishes. Zero cooking can also make this dish very delicious. Although this dish is simple and easy to use, it has high nutritional value. Auricularia auricula has the function of moistening lung and invigorating qi. Eggs needless to say, everyone knows its nutritional value. The …

Beijing cuisine

Sweet-hearted salted eggs

If you find it a little annoying to gather so many spices, you can buy ready-made Li Jinji brine juice, add 4 times water and a little sugar, and boil it. Welcome to Wxyunsh, who pays attention to me, to communicate with me Food Material List 1 Egg 5 2 Ginger and onion Appropriate amount …


Balsam pear eggs

Food Material List 1 Balsam pear One root 2 Egg Three Operational steps 1 Wash and dice balsam pear 2 Stir-fry in the pot to dry water 3 Mix eggs with a little salt 4 Egg juice and stir-fried balsam pear 5 Stir-fry in oil pan until shaping 6 Great success has been achieved. Tips


Scrambled Eggs of Toona sinensis

Food Material List 1 Toona sinensis 100g 2 Egg 4 3 salt 10g Operational steps 1 Wash and chop the Toona sinensis. Add the chopped eggs and Toona sinensis with a little salt and water. Stir well and set aside. 2 The pot is dried, oiled and heated, and the prepared eggs are fried and …

Northeast Cuisine

Galactose Yogurt Cake Roll

Yogurt cake rolls, relatives listen to yogurt made, say sour. In fact, I would like to say that oilless Yoghurt Cake and oily Yoghurt Cake rolls are not sour! It tastes sweeter and tastes better than Qifeng cake, because it contains thick yogurt, which makes the cake roll have the delicate taste of cheese cake. …

Night snack

Half a meal | bacon egg yolk dumplings

Until today, at the beginning of May of the lunar calendar every year, Chinese people soak glutinous rice, wash rice leaves and wrap rice dumplings in their homes. There are more varieties of them. From the stuffing point of view, there are many small dates in the north of Beijing dumplings; in the south, there …