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Shanghai cuisine

Egg Soup Family Streamlined Edition

Food Material List 1 Egg Operational steps 1 Stir the eggs well and add cool white to boil. The proportion depends on the number of eggs. 2 Add a little salt and fragrant oil and mix well. 3 Put it in a pot with water. Its better to set it up with a grate. Cut …


Sesame paste cold noodles

Food Material List 1 Wet surface (mechanical or self-rolling surface) 250g 2 Egg 1 3 Ham 3 tablets 4 green pepper 1/2 5 Cucumber 1 article 6 Bean sprouts 150g 7 Soup 1/2 cup 8 Sesame paste 3 tablespoons Operational steps 1 Break up the eggs and fry them into 2 pieces. Green pepper and …

French cuisine

Rural Eggs

Its very simple. Those who like boiled noodles with halogen eggs can try it. Food Material List 1 Egg Four 2 A can of beer Half bottle 3 soy sauce 20ml 4 Sugar 30g 5 salt 10g Operational steps 1 Eggs are cooked in water. 2 After shelling, add beer and sugar, soy sauce and …


Odd Eggs

Food Material List 1 Egg 2 Operational steps 1 Beat up the eggs, mix in the wine and water, and continue to mix well. Heat the pan and pour oil into the fire. When the oil is 8% hot, pour the eggs into the small heat and fry them on both sides. 2 Heat the …


Lazy cucumber eggs

Super convenient, and fast dishes, cucumbers can also be eaten when they are not ripe. You can pick up the eggs if they are not ripe. So for you who cant cook, the happiest is you.~ Food Material List 1 Egg 2 2 cucumber 1 article Operational steps 1 Eggs and wine, salt and mix …


Pot Slices

I ate this dish in the noodles of the Northeast Hotel. I love it when I eat it. Food Material List 1 Tenderloin meat 200g 2 Egg 2 Operational steps 1 Stir the eggs in bulk, cut the tenderloin into slices of about 5 mm, and marinate the meat with starch for 5 minutes. 2 …


Quail egg sausage fried bean seedlings

Food Material List 1 Cooked quail eggs 2 Sausage 3 Bean sprouts Operational steps 1 Stir-fry scallions with boiled quail eggs, red pepper rings and sausages. 2 Stir-fry soybean seedlings, salt and chicken essence, add raw sauce, and leave the pot. Tips


American scrambled eggs in Shanzhai

Why shanzhai? Because there is no butter, no milk, only eggs and black pepper, it tastes good! This one is very heat-conscious. Turkey eggs will burn yellow and taste bad. So I turn off the fried eggs. Food Material List 1 Egg 2 Black pepper 3 Olive oil 4 Cooking wine Operational steps 1 The …

a dish that goes with liquor

Summer snack brine quail eggs

Food Material List 1 Quail egg Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 After boiling all the ingredients of the brine in a pot, turn to a low heat and keep it boiling for about 10 minutes, then cool it and set aside. 2 Quail eggs are washed and put into a pot. Add cold water without …