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Boiled fish fillets

The cooked fish fillets can only be described in four words: hot, refreshing, fresh and tender. Its so delicious that I want to drink the soup! ____________ Food Material List 1 Grass Carp 1000g 2 Yellow bean sprouts Appropriate amount 3 Greens Appropriate amount 4 Coriander Appropriate amount 5 Chive 6 Sichuan Pepper 7 Egg …


Stir-fried leek with pen tube

Food Material List 1 Pen tube 2 Leek Operational steps 1 Wash the pen tube viscerally and cut it into sections. 2 Cut leek into segments 3 Blanch the pen tube with boiling water for a while. Be careful not to blanch too much. Thirty seconds is enough to make the pot run cold. 4 …

Korean cuisine

Italian tomato bacon pasta

Because once, I went to Pizza Hut with my family. The plates are big and spaghetti is small. Families say they are not full, so they have been studying spaghetti recently. Make it your own. Its eight or nine times cheaper than outside. And clean. Food Material List 1 Spaghetti 200g 2 Bacon 3 tablets …


Chop pepper and open-screen fish in full hall

Food Material List 1 Grass Carp One article Operational steps 1 Opening grass carp and disposing of it before launching 2 Head to tail, head need not be cut too big. 3 Cut the back of the fish body into about 1 cm wide pieces with a knife. Cut with a knife. Dont cut off …



Food Material List 1 Prawns, 2 Cooking wine, Haitian fresh soy sauce Operational steps 1 Shrimp head off, back cut off 2 Put a little oil in the frying pan, add ginger shreds, pour shrimp into the frying pan, and then add wine, water, a spoonful of fresh soy sauce, cover the pan, boil, and …


Stewed Fish in Iron Pot (Simple Edition)

Food Material List 1 carp 1000g 2 Green Chinese onion Half root 3 garlic 6 valves 4 ginger 3 tablets 5 Sichuan Pepper 10 grains 6 capsicum 2 roots 7 Old tofu 1000g 8 Cooking wine Appropriate amount 9 Soy Sauce (Old Puff + Raw Puff) Appropriate amount 10 Oyster sauce Appropriate amount Operational steps …


Steamed fish

I like to cook delicious food for my loved ones! Food Material List 1 Fish About two kilos Operational steps 1 Wash the fish abdomen and change the knife on both sides 2 Spread steamed fish sauce and salt evenly on the fish body and marinate for about 15 minutes. 3 Wash the fish again …


Fast Fish Practice

Food Material List 1 Fast fish 1 article Operational steps 1 Fish scales removed and washed. 2 Oil, ginger slices, scallions and garlic are put in the pot. After heating, add the fast fish. 3 Drinking wine, vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, salt. 4 Cover and simmer for 10 minutes. Tips

Cold Dishes

Secreted Spicy Bullfrog Shrimp

Food Material List 1 Bullfrog 2 only 2 Shrimp Half Jin Operational steps 1 Wash the bullfrog peeled and cut into pieces. Put in a suitable amount of cooking wine. Sprinkle two small spoons of salt and marinate for 10 minutes. 2 Cut onion, ginger, garlic, red pepper and coriander. Spare. 3 Pan-fry shrimps in …


Roasted crucian carp with frozen tofu

The delicious tongue tip, crucian carp meat tender, sweet meat, high nutritional value, with and tonify the deficiency, dehumidification and water, tonify the deficiency, warm stomach eating, tonify the effect of regeneration of qi. After freezing, tofu can produce an acidic substance, which can destroy human bodys fat. If you eat frozen tofu regularly, it …