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Afternoon tea

Snail brewing

Food Material List 1 Oncomelania davidiana 2 ground pork Operational steps 1 Scissors will be used to cut off the tail of two circles of hard shell, with boiling water will be a little hot snail, the meat out (to viscera), snail shell wash for another use; 2 Wash and chop the snail meat into …

Afternoon tea

Yellow croaker soaked in fruits and vegetables

Food Material List 1 Small yellow croaker 2 onion 3 Cabbage 4 lemon Operational steps 1 Cut cabbage into shreds, ginger into shreds, garlic into slices, onion into slices. 2 Put the vegetables in the pot and add a little salt. 3 Heat the oil pan and evenly wrap the ground melon powder on the …


Steamed crab with golden and silver garlic

Food Material List 1 crab Operational steps 1 Cut the crabs into pieces and put them on the plate 2 Mix the steamed crab juice well, sprinkle the crab noodles, steam for 10 minutes, and put in the onions. Tips


Vermicelli shrimp

Food Material List 1 Shrimp 10 only 2 Fans 70g 3 green pepper 10g 4 Red pepper 10g 5 Scallion 5g 6 ginger 5g 7 Garlic 5g Operational steps 1 Soak the vermicelli in hot water, peel the shrimps into shrimps, chop onions, ginger, garlic and dice green pepper and red pepper. 2 Heat oil …


Braised bream in red sauce

Food Material List 1 A flat fish About a kilo Operational steps 1 Wash the flat fish (especially the dark things in the stomach) and cut one or two knives in the place where the meat is thick. Hang it for a while and then put a layer of starch on the fish. 2 Cut …


Pumpkin, Bean, Crucian Carp Soup

Its time to think about it. After all these years, I wasted a lot of good years. Sometimes I really dont know where Im going next. Every day I go to work and watch the sunrise and sunset. Do repetitive work every day for seven years! Seven years is so short, inadvertently has slipped away, …


Garlic shrimp

Time is spent on opening the back of shrimps… Hand remnants are usually garlic shrimp with open backs, and the fans below are replaced with Konjac shrimp, so that the next days meal will not paste()soak overnight Amorphophallus tastes so good that you can imagine how good it is to soak raw shrimp. Shuang11 bought …


White Burning Shrimp – No Failure Edition

Food Material List 1 Prawns 200g 2 ginger Thin 5 slices 3 Allium sativum L. A small piece Operational steps 1 Prepare prawns. If they are frozen, thaw them thoroughly. Wash them and set aside. 2 Slice ginger, onion/garlic into pieces. 3 Take out the prepared pan, open the fire, put in a small amount …

staple food

Braised fish in soy sauce

Food Material List 1 Bream Operational steps 1 Marinate the fish with salt and liquor for 20 minutes. 2 Reduce oil in the pan, fry fish until golden brown on both sides, add boiling water and simmer for 5 minutes on a low heat. 3 Five minutes later, fish will be fished out of the …