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Three Fresh Salted Cuizui

Food Material List 1 Fungus One copy 2 green pepper One copy 3 Egg Two 4 Bacon One copy Operational steps 1 Auricularia auricula is soaked in water for a few minutes, then boiled in a pot with a little salt water (spare). Cut green pepper into pieces, slice bacon into pieces, and scatter eggs. …


Fried Meat Foam with Huaishan Snow Vegetable

Food Material List 1 Yai Shan 10 cm long 2 Pickled vegetables 3 tablets 3 Pork 100g Operational steps 1 Garlic slice, pork slice, Huaishan slice, snow vegetable foam. 2 Stir-fried garlic cloves 3 Add the meat foam and stir over low heat. 4 Stir-fry the meat foam and add Huaishan to stir-fry. Stir-fry while …


Fried eggs with Flammulina velutipes.

Food Material List 1 Egg 3-4 pieces 2 Flammulina velutipes Operational steps 1 Prepare scallion eggs. 2 First, fry the eggs into a pan. 3 Then the scallion frying pan. 4 Stir-fry Flammulina velutipes. 5 Add fried eggs, add seasoning, stir-fry and then come out. Tips Dont add water.


Summer fruit, almond

Food Material List 1 Xianyou pail 2 Xi Qin 3 Maggi Liquid Seasoning 5g Operational steps 1 Fried almonds with summer fruits and apricots, cut them into barrels and braised them with water, chopped radish and alizarin, fried ginger slices in a hot pot, fried them with fresh eucalyptus, celery and carrots, then stir-fried with …


Scrambled eggs with Luffa

Food Material List 1 Towel gourd 2 Egg 3 salt 4 soy sauce Operational steps 1 Cut the loofah with a hob 2 Break eggs, add a little salt 3 Heat the pan, pour the eggs into the pan, and cook the eggs. 4 Pour oil into the pan, heat oil into luffa, soften luffa …

staple food

Beer Chicken Wings

Its also a good try to change cola into beer after eating too much chicken wings. Food Material List 1 Chicken midwing Three pairs Operational steps 1 First, soak chicken wings in cold water, rinse the blood and water, then use a knife to scratch on the back of chicken wings for a few small …

French cuisine

Fried rice with egg

Holidays, a person at home with children sometimes at noon to make do with it! It is time-saving and convenient. Food Material List 1 Steamed Rice Appropriate amount 2 Egg Two or three 3 Ham One root Operational steps 1 Cook the rice first 2 Beat the eggs and add a little salt, ham sausage …


Fried pork shredded with balsam pear

Food Material List 1 Balsam pear 2-3 2 Shredded meat Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Balsam pear is washed and cut, scallions and ginger are prepared. Add less salt, wine and other ingredients to the shredded meat as you like. 2 Put oil in the pan, stir-fry scallions and ginger, add shredded meat and stir-fry! …


Fried shrimps with asparagus

Food Material List 1 asparagus 400g 2 Shrimp meat 200g Operational steps 1 Wash the asparagus and cut the old roots. Strip the skin off the neck. 2 Blanch asparagus (with a little salt in the water) and cut it into sections. 3 Remove the shrimps from the mud line and wash them for later …


Scrambled Eggs with Simple Tomatoes

Food Material List 1 Tomatoes 2 Egg Operational steps 1 Eggs, beaten evenly, add a little salt, remember to add a little, stir-fried tomatoes and add, to prevent too salty 2 Tomatoes are cut. First, the eggs are fried in the pot, then the tomatoes are added, stir-frying constantly, adding some water, so that the …