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Winter melon pork bone soup

I rushed into the kitchen, peeled, washed and cut. I put it into the soup which had been stewed beforehand. It was only ten minutes after the fire was opened and salt was added. The white winter melon pork bone soup came out of the pot and warmed my stomach. The wind outside was blowing …

a dish that goes with liquor

Mixed Malan

Food Material List 1 Indian aster 2 Dried bean curd Operational steps 1 First, wash the Malan and let it soak in the boiling water and pick it up. 2 Lets cool the white water for a while, for the sake of good colour and lustre. 3 Cut tofu into small pieces and garlic into …


Fried duck gizzard

Food Material List 1 Ducks gizzard Two only 2 Carrot A short paragraph 3 Bell pepper One 4 Water bamboo Three roots Operational steps 1 Rinse duck gills with salt, slice them and add salt, chicken and baking soda. 2 Cut Chinese cabbage, pepper and carrot into shreds. 3 Pour ginger, onion, duck gizzard into …


Fresh shrimp rice balls

Food Material List 1 shrimp Two 2 Carrot Half root 3 Lettuce leaves a slice 4 Egg One 5 Steamed Rice Bowl Operational steps 1 First steamed rice, shredded carrots, mixed with salt, sesame and sesame. 2 Break eggs, salt, wet starch. Fry the eggskin in warm oil and cut it into shreds after cooling. …


Mango Milkshake

Its so simple that I have nothing to say… But it was so delicious that I couldnt stop drinking… Food Material List 1 Mango Appropriate amount 2 Yogurt 300ml Operational steps 1 Mango take pulp, leave a little pulp, other pulp and yogurt into a milkshake. 2 Add the remaining mango pulp to the milkshake. …


Fried eggs with Perilla

Food Material List 1 Egg 2 Perilla leaves Operational steps 1 Wash and chop the leaves of Perilla frutescens. Put them into the beaten eggs. Add salt and mix them into the liquid of Perilla frutescens. Fry them in a hot oil pan. Tips


Apple Juice

Food Material List 1 Apple Operational steps 1 Rinse apples 2 Cut into small pieces and press them into juice in a juicer. 3 Finally, add water and mix it up. Tips


Marantou Yuanbao Dumpling

Malantou is a kind of herbal medicine, which is commonly eaten by the common people in the way of cold dressing, cooking porridge, making tofu cabbage, making soup and so on. The taste of this dish is slightly numb. It has the functions of heat-clearing, detoxification and dehumidification. Food Material List 1 Pork leg stuffed …


Mango Ice Cream

Food Material List 1 Mango 500g 2 Milk 500ml Operational steps 1 Fresh milk is heated over low heat for about 10 minutes. 2 Stir the mango meat into mango paste, then pour the mango paste into condensed fresh milk and mix well. 3 Remove and stir every 30 minutes, at least four times. 4 …

a dish that goes with liquor

Abalone juice Kale

Food Material List 1 Chinese kale (or cabbage) Operational steps 1 Buy fresh Chinese kale (cabbage) and come back. Wash the whole plant and drain the water. Boil the water with a little oil, cook the kale and pick up the tray. 2 Pour some abalone juice in a bowl, add a little soy sauce …